Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Patchwork Inspiration

Now that I'm back in the groove at home, but very much missing Australia, it's a great comfort to in-my-mind revisit the sites and sounds (the birds!) that are so different when compared to Iowa. In Australia every day I saw and heard yellow-crested cockatoos - the most beautiful, but also the most screechingly loud, squawking birds! 

Yet a common denominator is patchwork! Doesn't a quilter see it in many things, at home and away?

On the left is a picture of the floor outside a tourist "I" center, in a Bendigo, Victoria historic building.

On the right is an example of the lovely sidewalk tile patterns Sydneysiders have from their front porches to the street.

How handy to simply look down and be inspired!


  1. Oh Linda, this is anotherthing we have in common! I too travel the world constantly stopping to take photographs of tiled floors and footpaths! Seems I'm not so sill after all - or are we both a little mad?? LOL

  2. That should read "silly". I'm typing on my laptop in bed but ought to be asleep LOL.


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