Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Machine Quilting

It's a machine-quilting extravaganza! As I've mentioned, once I get started machine-quilting, I keep going until I'm caught up. Three quilts have been basted for several months...full of every single size-one safety-pin I own! It's time to get these babies quilted.
Back in February I pieced and basted Bonnie Hunter's "String X" available on her website: I love that the pattern used up so many scraps of bright kid-prints that I collected....discarded by students in Stitchin' Mission classes.

I'm using two rings from my set of 12, 1/2"-wide lucite rings to draw circles - sorta like the Target store bullseye logo - with a washout marker. I'm getting good practice at free-motion quilting a smooth circle! 
And BTW, that set of lucite rings is one of the best quilting purchases I've ever made. I use them often.

Since I generally try to follow the basic quilting "rule" (or strong suggestion) that for geometric piecing, the quilt pattern should be curves, between the circles I'm quilting another wavy design. I first drew this shape onto parchment paper and then cut it from template plastic.
Just stitchin' away...

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