Monday, April 19, 2010

Celina Day

On Tuesday Celina returns to school from fall school holiday. So Monday we spent the day together, ferrying to Circular Quay and wandering through the Royal Botanic Gardens.

We walked about 20 minutes to Abbotsford Wharf where we boarded a ferry for the half hour ride to Circular Quay. It was a gorgeous, partly cloudy day, perfect for sitting outdoors on the bow.
The ferry passed beneath Iron Cove Bridge.Approaching Sydney's CBD (Central Business District), ferrying toward Darling Harbour
....and a ferry stop here.After Darling Harbour, we headed to the last stop, Circular Quay. We passed under the enormous, and famous Harbour Bridge. Those little specks below the flag are people! For a hefty price, you can pay to climb into a bright orange jumpsuit that hooks to a safety cable, so you can walk across the top of Harbour Bridge!Whether ferrying into or exiting from Circular Quay (the central place for ferries, trains and buses), you pass by the Sydney Opera House.Once we disembarked, we headed toward the Royal Botanic Gardens.Even though we'd been there before, we found new gardens, greenhouses, and walkways to explore.

There's a Palm Tree Centre (I especially loved that!) with many varieties, identified with tags, to admire.In the fern hothouse we saw this unusually beautiful bloom. Ibis wander throughout the gardens.
And there are bats! Hundreds of flying fox have become a park nuisance. They damage the trees where they roost.Another view of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Celina and I had packed a picnic lunch, so we found a shady park bench where we could sit, admire the views, and find lots to talk about!
The Royal Botanic Garden grounds include the historic Government House. It was built in 1789 as the home of the first governor of New South Wales. We'd like to visit on a day when the house is open for tours.
On the west side of the house is a large formal garden with walkways that once led to the water. Along the path we came across this gorgeous frangipani tree. It smelled wonderful! We found a fallen bloom that we could sniff and marvel over.After hours of walking, too much sun, and ice cream, we headed to Circular Quay for the return ferry home.
The size and grandiosity of the Harbour Bridge cannot be overlooked.
Or the beautiful water views.
That's the ANZAC Bridge (Australia/New Zealand Army Corps) in the background.
Nearing home, we again passed our own Abbotsford Cove. Interestingly, this townhome and apartment complex is on the grounds of the former Nestle's Chocolate factory. The grand home in the center, with the lawn rolling down to the water's edge, was first built as a private residence in the early 1900s. In 1912 it was sold to Nestle's for use as a factory with the house becoming the administrative offices. Since 1985, when Nestle sold the property for the Abbotsford Cove complex, the mansion has become a conference center and is occasionally the site for beautiful weddings. Abbotsford Cover residents refer to the manse as "The Chocolate House." What a wonderful day Celina and I spent together. I think we made some great memories.


  1. HI Linda... what a fabulous day you've had! and seen so many of the gorgeous sights around Sydney Harbour.
    Thanks for sharing your sightseeing treks :)
    Cheryl x

  2. You both must have slept well after such a wonderful day. You show a very beautiful side of Sydney.

  3. So glad you've enjoyed our lovely Sydney! The Harbour and its surroundings are pretty special.

  4. What a delightful tour. I'd love to visit Australia someday.



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