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QuiltCon Raleigh - Part 2, and End of February

As I continue to dwell on QuiltCon, I've also given great consideration how to share pictures of quilts I saw and appreciated. You might guess that I have hundreds of pictures - and you'd be right - so it's challenging to hone-in on a few that were favorites.

Use of Negative Space category

I really enjoy the quilts made by Susan Braverman @wildpoppyquilts, whose designs are always clear, fresh, and colorful. Simple Luxury 2 is one of four quilts Susan had in the show - four is the most any maker could have juried into the show. Susan is a longarm quilter. 
Simple Luxury 2, 60" X 60"

While I love her designs - she's a circle-lover, as am I - while at QuiltCon I tend to gravitate toward quilts  and close-up pictures of quilts that have been domestic machine quilted. I can spot them fairly easily because they have "quilting personality" and often are quilted with more than straight line quilting alone. 

Hangover by Claire Victor @cvquilts is a good example.
Hangover, 40" X 55"

See the personality in her quilting?

Cosmic Blossom by Jeanne Garcia @jeanne.garcia has also been domestic machine quilted.
Cosmic Blossom, 36" X 36"

Most Noble Sorceress by Melanie Tuazon @melanie.tuazon, was entirely hand-quilted. 
Most Noble Sorceress, 57" X 66"

This is the kind of hand stitching I aspire to. Isn't it a bit bold to leave thread tails hanging?

The last quilt I'm sharing in "Use of Negative Space" is Head Adjustment by Tania Tanti @tania_tanti_artist
Head Adjustment, 64" X 60"

There's no indication on her artist's statement how it was quilted, but don't you agree that it looks like domestic machine quilting? 

The Modern Quilt Guild staff is sure prompt about taking down quilts and shipping them back to owners! I received my box of two quilts on Wednesday!

With my quilts was this feedback sheet - info about my only judged quilt, Polka Dots and Moonbeams, in the Super Scrappy Challenge.

Feelin' Groovy didn't get any feedback because it was in the un-judged Maximalism Exhibit.

I sure like the QuiltCon labels they sent! This is the first time such a label has been given. Since there's sort of a rubbery-coated backing, I wonder if they're meant to be hot-fused to the quilt back. 

Below are my QuiltCon vendor purchases. Buying QuiltCon magazine each year is a must. Also you'll see:
  • 2 black and white stripe prints - The bias-printed stripe on top came from Craft South, Anna Maria Horner's business where she and her daughter were both working.
  • 3 balls of size 8 Eleganza perle cotton colors (refilling needed) from the Wonderfil booth
  • 1 package of size 3 Milliner's needles by Sue Spargo - love for big stitch hand quilting
  • 3 pieces of linen - grid pattern; and two shades of denim blue
  • 1 Bernina #52D Teflon foot, 25% off, for sewing faux leather and vinyl

Fabric totaled six yards; I don't think I overindulged.

With yesterday being the last day of February, it's tally time! How much fabric came in, and how much fabric went out in those 29 days? This is my second year of tracking, and last year I learned a lesson about the importance of using-up before February vendor-shopping at QuiltCon!

Incoming Fabric
With QuiltCon fabric purchases of 6 yards, and an additional .76 gifted to me from Debbie at A Quilters Table to put into our Modern Potholder Group quilt, total incoming yardages was 6.76 yards. 

Outgoing Fabric
Fabrics to finish the Prudence Quilt top; make eyeglass cases and fabric shopping bags to give away; a gift of a fat quarter bundle; and scraps bagged for a pet bed meant I used-up 14.22 yards of fabric. 

A net stash reduction of 7.46 yards for the month of February is pretty good. I'll take it!

Quilting Influencers on Instagram
I was fascinated to see that there's a list of "Instagram Quilting Influencers." Do you know about this list? 

I looked through the list of the top 100 influencers, and was surprised to see how few of these makers I've heard of, or follow. They all look so young! Linda


  1. Great that you were able to see all the quilts, and, unlike me, to buy only what you knew you would use. I tend to dive in and then wonder why I have such a big stash. Glad you had a good time.

  2. Tania Tanti is a Melbourne quilter and she does all her own quilting on a domestic machine I believe. She exhibits frequently in Australia.

    1. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for confirming what I thought about Tania's work. I like the way she domestic machine quilted "Head Adjustment," and I'm happy for her quilt to have been accepted into QuiltCon.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! It's nice to see some of the show quilts at a larger scale. Also, I think that's cool about the new label being sent back with our quilts. We were out of town for a couple of days, so my quilt is still waiting at the P.O. Oh, and yay for your numbers for fabric usage. Sorry to add to your intake. haha

  4. I enjoy hearing your thoughts on each QuiltCon and seeing the quilts you choose to feature. Would love your take on the winners. Good for you to keep purchases to a minimum and have more going out than coming in. I haven't been in my studio in over a month and yet I've bought fabric! The quilters list is interesting. I know a few but definitely many I haven't heard of. I'm wondering how the list is generated. looks like you can submit your own site. So how are they ranked?

  5. Above anonymous comment is me, Anne. Guess I didn't click the proper link.

  6. Yes, I fused my QuiltCon label on the back of. mine. I noticed it was cut crooked after I fused, oh well, still happy to have it. I thought the comment sheets were so/so. but with so many to do, it makes sense I guess.

  7. I wonder who made that list of influencers and what the criteria were. Oops, my background in stats is showing...


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