Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Keeping Up/Catching Up

Keeping up with, and actually being slightly ahead of Amy Friend's @duringquiettime Satisfaction QAL, these are the blocks I made this week. All blocks are foundation paper pieced.

"Etching" is my favorite-looking block thus far. It's 18" X 18" block #9 of 12 blocks. Background fabric is Christina Camelli's "Moongate" which was released in 2020. 

Block #10 is "Spark," and it too is made with "Moongate" which is the blue background. The green tropical foreground print is the same fabric I used to make my ukulele case!

I put all the Satisfaction blocks on the design wall, so I'd have an idea what colors to choose for the last two blocks. 

Here's the finished 60" X 92½" quilt back I made for the MQG's "Use It: Quilt Back Challenge." With so many seams in the back and quilt front (which is the Summer Camp Modern Mystery QAL), I'm looking to sandwich this with the thinnest batting possible: either Quilter's Dream Request (lowest loft), or a wide flannel. 
Having listened to several books in the past week, it's time for a catch-up.

Book Recommendations
Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Grams was recommended by my Iowa friend, Deb @ireniebeanie24, and I'm glad she did!

The book takes place in the 1960s, when women chemists weren't common, and often not allowed credit for their capabilities and work. Elizabeth Lott is a chemist who meets fellow scientist and Nobel prize-winner Calvin Evans, when they're both employed at the Hastings Research Institute. Their unlikely romance leads to a simpatico relationship without the entanglement of marriage.

Elizabeth endures gender discrimination in order to pursue her scientific passions, but when life deals her an unexpected blow, she finds herself a single mother without a livelihood. Adding insult to injury, her scientific work has been exploited. She finds herself the star of a popular afternoon cooking show, where, though she has a following, she's also undermining the status-quo. 

Elizabeth's single-minded scientific pursuits; her inability to understand people; and her lack of humor combine to make her story entertaining, frustrating, and at times, humorous. I highly recommend this one!

Linda's score: 4.3/5.0

The Dog Who Knew Too Much is book #4 in the Chet and Bernie series by Spencer Quinn. 

This story has finds Chet (the dog) and Bernie in wilderness high country. It's "Parent's Weekend" at camp. Bernie and Chet have been asked to accompanying a woman whose teenaged son is at camp. However, when the son doesn't return from an overnight campout with the rest of his camp mates, Bernie and Chet have a job to do.

Their search for the son takes them into a cave where a body is discovered. Bernie is arrested. Chet inadvertently finds help through Susie, and the two of them recover Bernie. Together, they're on the case!

I am sure enjoying this book series. They're a lighthearted escape from the more prevalent, sinister genre. 

Linda's score: 4.1/5.0 

The Widow by Valerie Keogh, was an unexpectedly entertaining, albeit sinister, book. 

The story is about Alison, a 29 year-old, single accountant living in a tiny London apartment. Except for Portia, an older woman she met in exercise class, Alison lives a solitary life. The evening she meets Peter, she's swept off her feet. He's a solicitor living in a posh London neighborhood, in the home his deceased parents once owned. After knowing each other only a few months, Alison realizes he's her way up and out of her situation, so they marry. 

When David is killed, Alison believes her life might still be what she's always longed for. As Portia is consoling Alison, Jo enters her life; Jo has been watching Alison for years. When Alison learns that her marriage to David wasn't what she believed, she also discovers that her relationships with Portia and Jo aren't what they seemed to be either. 

Linda's score: 4.1/5.0
If you're like me, you've already been sewing things for Christmas gift-giving. One of the items I always keep at the ready is a Travel Tray (or two), as everyone can use such a practical item. 

Recently, a blog friend, Mary at emailed to ask about my Travel Tray instructions. The day after sending her the link (here, or see Menu "Tutorials") she shared this picture with me. "It worked great," she said. So nice, Mary! 

We've still got time to sew for Christmas giving, don't we? Linda


  1. It's looking fabulous! What about a hot pink color for another block?

  2. The Satisfaction blocks are so intriguing, love the pattern/color choices you've made. Yes, there must still be time for some Christmas gift stitching, there had better be since I have a request from dear DIL to make more hotpads for them. Hopefully I can get a start on them over the weekend.

  3. Pretty blocks, my favorite is spark ! I really should make some of those trays, thanks for the tutorial 😻

    1. Isn't it interesting that you like "Spark," and I prefer "Etching"? Well, Amy Friend told me that she's getting a kick out of peoples' comments about which is their favorite. So far, all of them have been a "favorite." Ha, ha. Oh, those Travel Trays are indispensable! I have two of them that I use regularly. Also, as I learned from a friend who's a grandmother... this Travel Tray is good for teaching small children how to use snaps! :-)

  4. Those blocks are looking good! Such a fun QAL. I love your backing too.

  5. Your satisfaction blocks look amazing! And the larger pieces worked well for your quilt back, a little "breathing space" yes? It's a big quilt! I loved 'lessons in chemistry' - a delightful read, wasn't 6:30 a great name for the dog!

  6. I've just finished watching "Lessons in Chemistry" on pay TV. Bree Larson as Elizabeth Zott was fabulous. In fact, the whole production, including the costume, was SO good. I'm going to go back and re-watch it, and that's something I nver do.

  7. I love your colorful blocks!!! The 18" size is a bonus! Lots of interesting books here. Go, Chet and Bernie!!! And what a great idea--I must make some of your trays for Christmas gifts, Linda!!!

  8. Haha! Sure we have time to sew for Christmas. And to make fresh cookies for each of the parties between now and then. And to wrap all the gifts. Sure we can!


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