Friday, December 1, 2023

End of November

I've been fabric-tracking all year in a concentrated effort to reduce stash, and have been largely successful. Yet when I received a yard of fabric - unsolicited! - how could I not be happy about that?!

My friend, Candi @candipursuits bought an on-sale bolt of Kona Crush - the 2023 Kona Color of the Year, from Missouri Star. Since I never got around to buying any, she sent me a yard - really thoughtful, isn't she?

Fearful of the color running I washed it in Retayne, and I'm glad I did! The water was definitely pink!

This piece of Crush is now among a collection of solids I'm taking to a "Fearless Curved Piecing" in-person workshop with Cindy Grisdella who will be here December 5-6 at the invitation of Quilting Guild of The Villages.

November was a good use-up-stash month. I made numerous small gifts (that I'll blog about later, after they've been gifted); made six 18" FPP blocks in the Satisfaction QAL; and pieced a large (60" X 92.5") quilt back for the MQG's "Use It: Quilt Back Challenge." 

Here are November stats showing that I used 7.84 yards of fabric this month. 

I managed to finish reading one more book in November, bringing the month's total to nine books read - eight as audiobooks and one as an Ebook.

Book Recommendation
I'm glad to suggest you read Water From My Heart by Charles Martin, who remains a favorite author. The only reason I haven't yet read all of his books is that the titles remaining on my list are all available to me, through library apps Hoopla and Boundless, only as E books. I read them on my iPhone.

Water From My Heart
is historical fiction based on a catastrophic event that took place in Nicaragua in 1998. Three thousand people died.

Charlie isn't the nicest guy you'll ever meet. Though he's smart and Harvard-educated, he has been involved in questionable money-making ventures - card-playing, business corruption, and drug-smuggling.

Charlie's influence on a teenaged boy, Zaul, has Zaul wanting to emulate Charlie. When Zaul gets in over his head, his little sister is disfigured in a pit bull attack. Zaul runs, and Charlie, feeling responsible, is on Zaul's trail, heading to South American. While in Leon, Nicaragua, Charlie gets sick, is rescued, and brought back to health by a native woman, Paulina. As he regains his strength, Paulina takes him up the mountain, where he learns about the people and the sugar cane fields they work. Everyone is struggling to survive. In spite of their circumstances, Charlie witnesses a thriving hope among these Nicaraguans. The more he learns, the more he begins to recognize the man he wants to be, and the way he wants to live. 

Linda's score: 4.3/5.0

To recap November, which was a great month for good books, I gave these titles a score of 4.0 (out of 5.0), or better. I picture them in score order (top L-R; bottom L-R), and then favorites order.
  1. Water From My Heart, Charles Martin
  2. Lessons in Chemistry, Bonnie Garmus
  3. A Noise Downstairs, Winwood Barclay
  4. Tom Lake, Ann Patchett
  5. The Widow, Valerie Keogh
  6. Hello Stranger, Katherine Center
  7. The Dog Who Knew Too Much (#4 in the Chet and Bernie series), Spencer Quinn
  8. Walking Shoes (#1 in the Mt. Hope Southern Adventures series), Lynne Gentry


  1. A very pretty red to add to your stash. Good you thought to wash it- reds are pretty notorious. You had a good November with stash busting and reading for sure!

  2. Nice to add some Crush to your stash - I really like it.

  3. Hi Linda-love all your pictures of quilts they are beautiful ❤️

  4. Hooray for a workshop with Cindy Grisdela! I'm taking a class with her at the Mancuso show in February (Hampton Roads, VA)


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