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QuiltCon 2022 Quilt Submissions

This year, the three jurors tasked with choosing quilts for display at QuiltCon (February, 2022 in Phoenix, AZ) were certainly on their toes. The deadline for online quilt submissions was October 31. With more than 2,000 quilt entries to view - one full quilt photo, and one detailed photo of each! - it was a surprise to received "accepted" and "unaccepted" emails on December 1 (December 15 in previous years).

I submitted a total of five quilts. Three were accepted.

1) My first submission was May 3 in response to a request for modern quilts to display at the International Quilt Festival in Houston (in November). On May 17 I learned that Illusions of Victor (made for the Central Florida MQG Mid Century Modern Artist Challenge. Detailed blog post about it here.) was among 19 quilts accepted for the special exhibit. Having a quilt accepted into that show meant automatic acceptance into QuiltCon 2022.
Illusions of Victor, 48" X 65"

2) Then, on November 2 I was notified that my 2019 Temperature Quilt (detailed blog post about it here) was accepted into QuiltCon 2022, and needed to be sent right away to Golden, Colorado for inclusion in QuiltCon magazine! That's exciting because I've never had a quilt appear in that special publication. Until everyone was notified about QuiltCon, I was sworn to secrecy about it being accepted.
2019 Temperature Quilt, 72" X 84"

3) In a December 1 email I learned that Playin' Around was accepted. This is the Curve Around Challenge Quilt I made as a member of South Florida MQG. Click here to view challenge entries. I need to put a sleeve on it and prep it for shipping to meet the January 13 arrival deadline. 
Playin' Around, 61" X 70"

To view a wonderful virtual quilt show, check out the Instagram hashtag #quiltconreject and #quilltconreject2022. There are so many amazing quilts to be seen!

These are my two #quiltconreject quilts. My Central Florida MQG Modern Scraps Challenge, Orbits...
Orbits, 70" X 80"

...and my Artisan Fabric Challenge Quilt, Columns.  Detailed blog post about it here.
Columns, 50" X 55"

I'm glad I choose to make large quilts, because every one of these will eventually be given away. 

If you read my November 15 blog post, you'll know I didn't expect Columns to make the cut. Perhaps that's because, from viewing SO many modern quilts (at QuiltCon shows, and virtually), I've learned to recognize a modern look. I've developed a sense of whether a quilt is modern or not. However, that sure doesn't mean I can always make such a quilt myself! 

Given that QuiltCon received more than 2,000 entries and that 450+ or so quilts will be displayed at QuiltCon (based on previous year's numbers), I'm very happy. 

This is the fifth time I've submitted quilts to QuiltCon: Austin 2015; Savannah 2017; Nashville 2019; Austin 2020; Phoenix 2022 - and been able to attend the show in person! Each time I've been fortunate to have at least one quilt in a show. When I start feeling guilty about it - and very lucky! - my husband reminds me that luck has nothing to do with it. It's about dedication, hard work, preparation, and opportunity.

Being personally familiar with the hard work put into every QuiltCon quilt, whether it's accepted or not, I respect and admire every quiltmaker who enter QuiltCon. You are worthy. And your quilts are worthy. Linda


  1. Congratulations, I'm very happy for you and especially because Illusions of

    1. sorry, hit the wrong key. Illusions of Victor has always been one of my favorites of your quilts, especially for its three dimensionality. Anyway your hubby is right, luck has nothing to do with all these acceptances.

    2. Congratulations Linda! You deserve it! becky

  2. All so lovely and so glad that 3 will be at QuiltCon. Congrats for having one in the QC magazine too! That's really cool!

  3. How exciting! Wish you the best with your quilts and I love that you will be donating them to charity...I have a few more quilts to make and then I'm going to start doing that myself. I have more than enough fabric to make quilts for the rest of my life and that's what I will choose to do! Good luck with your quilts!

  4. Yes, super excited for you, and good luck! While I too recognise a 'modern' quilt, it would be certainly way out of my comfort zone to make one! All five of your quilts are amazing, but 'orbits' is my fav.

  5. This all is wonderful news as you are dedicated to this show, put hard hard work and preparation into the quilts you enter, and take advantage of the opportunity. Your husband is spot on.

  6. What a fine accomplishment, Linda! Congratulations. Will you be attending? You may have mentioned that before, but I've forgotten. The sheer number of entries is beyond impressive! That was a lot of work for the judges.

  7. I'm truly happy for you Linda. Three quilts in the show is amazing plus having one in the QuiltCon magazine and another be part of the Modern Showcase is extra special. Your temp quilt remains one of my all time favorites. Well done.

  8. Many congratulations Linda on your three stunning quilts being accepted!!
    I loved Illusions of Victor the first time I every saw it in one of your posts. Wise words indeed from your husband.

  9. WOW.
    these three quilts will be admired by many
    Well done, Linda

  10. Congratulations, Linda! I'm sad that Orbits didn't get into QuiltCon2022. :o((

  11. Wonderful news! Celebrate your creative accomplishments and thank you for always taking us along on your creative modern quilting journey.
    D. Weeks

  12. Congrats on the accepts! I look forward to seeing all 3 of them in person!

  13. Well, now, aren’t you special! I’m so excited for you, Linda. Congratulations! I know how much thought and work goes into your quilts and I’m so pleased. Big hugs!

  14. Congratulations Linda. Having 3 quilts accepted is an amazing effort.Well done!! You are very kind to be giving them all away. You are becoming famous....having one featured in the QC magazine!


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