Wednesday, April 8, 2020

MidCentury Modern Artist Challenge

Due to the cancellation of our trip to Kansas City to celebrate our Dad's 90th birthday on April 7, I had extra time on my hands and participated in our Central Florida MQG's "MidCentury Modern Artist Challenge."

Our challenge was to select one of ten MidCentury modern artists (list is here) and choose a piece of art as inspiration for a quilt. No other rules were made except my own: to make a quilt large enough to be used. Finished quilts were to be shown at our April 6 meeting, which of course didn't happen. So, @centralfloridamqg had an Instagram show. See our Instagram hashtag #modartchallenge. Though only 7 of our 58 members participated 😒 the quilts are wonderful!

The artist who inspired my quilt is Victor Vasarely. I adore many of his pieces which often include depth and dimension.

Specifically, this art - "Homage a l'Hexagon" - captured my attention. 

I started my quilt Sunday, March 15 and finished Sunday, April 5. Three weeks in the making.

I've been calling this VV for lack of a name.

It measures 48" X 64".

The backing is pieced because I don't have yardage in my stash; I'm using-up; and, I'm not shopping during Coronavirus isolation. "Make do," is my mantra these days. 

I happily used this 2009 fabric in the backing. It's been stashed since my days working at Creekside Quilting in Clive, Iowa. I remember how much I loved this print from a Patrick Losé collection called "Mixmasters Satinesque." It came in a dozen colorways. 

I'm quite pleased with the quilting which is clearly visible because: 1) the batting is wool - Quilter's Dream; and 2) the thread is 28-weight - Aurifil.  

I used a walking foot to quilt the lines; and a ruler foot with the .75 echo guide to quilt in the orange convex curves.

If you'd like to learn more about walking foot quilting, I highly recommend taking advantage of BluPrint's free access to all their classes. Jacqui Gering's "Creative Quilting With a Walking Foot" lessons are great! Perhaps I picked up so much from the walking foot classes because she quilts on, and therefore features, Bernina. All BluPrint classes are being offered free until April 16. 

Sunday is Easter! Hallelujah! 
Friend Nancy, who commented on my last blog post, stated that she remembers when women wore gloves to church. Though glove-wearing was a fashion statement then, perhaps it will become a safety trend in our post-Coronavirus world.

Nancy's comment made me recall wearing gloves when I was young. This 1961 Easter Sunday picture is of our mother holding my baby brother, next to my sister, and me (on the right). All three of us girls are wearing gloves. And what about those hats?

Mother always sewed, our clothes and hers, and even made our bucket purses fashioned around the base of a Quaker oatmeal box. She was creative like that. 

I saw this chalked on a driveway during yesterday's power walk: April distance brings May existence. 

I hope each of you are doing more than just existing!

This is last evening's pink moon. I used the "vivid" setting on my Canon SX620 to take the picture. Though the moon isn't defined, I can't believe how the pink shows up! I didn't adjust the image at all. 

Though we aren't able to worship in a church during this Holy Week, opportunities abound to take advantage of technology, and fill your soul. Worship with Lutheran Church of Hope here.

Happy Easter! He is risen! Linda


  1. Love the photo of your 1961 Easter!

  2. Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And yes, I remember gloves, hat and our little purses for church every Sunday!!! BUT at Easter we got new patent leather shoes!!!!! Awwwwww the memories!

  3. I have to say, I think this is my all time favorite of your quilts! Absolutely stunning! Oh my, do I ever remember white gloves, sister dresses, straw hats and patent leather shoes with white ankle socks for Easter, lol! I love that your mom even made your purses, from oatmeal boxes. Great memories. Your supermoon was gorgeous. The sky was clouded over here when I took the dog out for his last walkabout for the night, and later when I went to bed, so no supermoon for us.

  4. Your VV quilt is gorgeous Linda! I love the variation of the colours in the 'border'- that was an inspired choice!

  5. Your quilt is really lovely, and even better now that it's quilted! You called it a "Humdinger" in one of your e-mails. That might be a good name for it! There you are in gloves! Great photo. Your mother's creative gene sure got passed on to you. I'm enjoying those free BluPrint classes, too. I'm brushing up on my hand embroidery with a couple of embroidery instructors. Blessed Easter to you!

  6. Gorgeous quilt. I really love your design, use of color, and quilting on it!

  7. Happy Easter, one Lutheran quilter to another! Our church will also be celebrating Easter "online only" this year. It will be weird to be sitting at home, watching a service with a new, live sermon, but with all of the music recycled from LAST year's Easter service -- so I'll see myself from a year ago and the computer screen, singing last year's Easter songs with the choir like I'm Ebeneezer Scrooge, time traveling with the Ghost of Easter Past!

    I absolutely adore both of the quilts you're sharing here. You've definitely captured the essence of the Homage to Hexagons artwork, and the VV quilt is just as stunning. Happy Easter!

  8. Love the trip back to 1961 and white gloves, one Easter my dad took us to church in snow boots..... as it had snowed..... your quilt and the quilting is so special. I love being able to see the quilting, etc. Saving this post and will take time to look at the free classes. Thanks. He is Risen !!!

  9. I love your quilt! It's Beautiful! Your family photo is really cute! My sister and I had look alike suits one year on Easter Sunday. She wore pink and I wore blue. We had the hat, gloves and tappy taps to go with it. Happy Easter to you and your family!

    1. Hi Karen! You’re a “no-reply commenter,” so I hope you see my reply here. Thanks for liking my quilt! And I’m glad our family picture brought back memories for you. Pink and blue outfits, hats, gloves, and patent leather tappy shoes were the thing. Maybe we’ll be wearing some of the same things - hats and gloves - by Easter 2021. 😊

  10. While I am over the moon about that quilt (witness my IG comment), I think the very best picture here is the one of your mom and girls (and yes, I think you look like your Mom). I love the details you provided about the oatmeal box purses, the hats and gloves. I was thinking this morning about how none of us will be gussied up in our Easter finery this Sunday, and how different our worship will be without being all together. But Christ and Heavenly Father watch over us all.

    Happy Easter!

  11. Beautiful quilt! He is risen indeed!

  12. This is my second attempt to comment on your great post. Love the quilt, your hat and your oatmeal box purse!

  13. Hi Again! The successful comment was via my IPad....I did have to jump through several hoops but at least it worked. What didn't work was trying to comment on my phone. Now I'm on my Dell computer to see what happens. I still love your early 60's Easter outfit. I wore gloves back then too with my funny Easter bonnet made by my beloved grandmother.

  14. Wow Linda - that quilting is really effective. I love how the lines echo the curves. I have Jacqui's first book and I refer to it from time to time, but I prefer to only quilt small quilts on my domestic machine. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.

  15. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for saying so! I'm pleased with how this quilt turned out, especially now that it's been accepted into the Houston show in 2021, and QuiltCon in 2022. I'm feeling completely honored. (Sorry I cannot reply to you personally, but your Google profile is set to "no-reply commenter.")


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