Saturday, April 17, 2021

Modern Scrap Challenge Quilt

Modern Scrap Challenge quilt, 70" X 80"

I had to go back in my blog posts to find when I first I wrote about participating in the Central Florida MQG Modern Scrap Challenge. It was December 17, 2020! Four months ago was when I shared what our challenge was all about. 

Challenge criteria included:
  • making a quilt any size
  • using scraps no larger than 6½" 
  • creating a design with negative space
  • choose one of three personal options; I chose rainbow
Here are our challenge guidelines, in case you'd like info about challenging your quilting group. 

Between piecing and big stitch quilting, my Classic Curves Ruler and Quilter's Rule acrylic nested rings received lots of use.

I got pretty good at sewing inset circles... 
.... and ended up making:
  • 14 print scrappy-pieced circles in a variety of sizes; and
  • 8 solids-only scrappy rings.

When I saw that the design needed a little "something," I machine-appliquéd scrappy strips in assorted places. With right sides together, I sewed the strip to the quilt top, then folded it over, turned under the ends and long side, and straight stitched along the edge. My Bernina 10D foot, with the guide, came in handy for that.

Batting is white Quilter's Dream Request that I pin-basted in preparation for quilting on my Bernina 770QE. I started by walking foot quilting around the rings. Then, I spiral-quilted the scrappy circles. 
quilt back

Lastly, I randomly added big stitch hand-quilted rings across the quilt top, using these #8 pearl cottons - three different brands. With such large stitches, hand quilting went more quickly than I would have guessed.

I estimate I big stitch quilted 70 to 80 rings. And, I can always add more if I feel like it!
quilt back

In keeping with the mostly-circles theme, this spotted binding was the best choice. Of course, I used my favorite No Tails Binding: Mitered Corners by Machine. Find method instructions HERE if you're an MQG member; and HERE on my blog. 

Hubs has been keeping our Bismarck palm trimmed by removing the lower branches as the tree grows. Unfortunately for me, that means I can no longer use a step-stool to reach a branch! I had to bring out the six foot-tall step ladder to reach the lowest branch.

I'm showing my finished quilt at our Central Florida MQG meeting this morning. We're meeting in person at a local park. Plans changed! Due to rain, 15 of us met in a member's home. Yay! It will be great to be with friends again. It was truly great to be with friends again! Linda


  1. I've said it before on IG but I just love love all those big stitch circles. They add such a wonderful element to the whole thing.

  2. How I love this quilt! I think it may be my new favorite!

  3. It is a lovely quilt. I especially like the perle cotton hand stitching. Glad you can get together in person. In-person contact is something I think we are all missing very much.

  4. What a lovely finish with so many levels of interest. Your circle quilting really adds alot to your already intriguing design. Glad you could show it off today!

  5. It's done, it's fabulous, and I absolutely LOVE it!!! Do you need another daughter or a niece? I know you were giving away some of your quilts. I would happily take this one off your hands!

  6. I know it is great being with family and our friends again. laughing and hugging.
    this quilt is pretty I love the circles and construction process. Well done and super cool

  7. oh after my second vaccine, I had fever for three days, headache for 9 days with, non stop tinnitus. It was wretched. I took decongestants and tylenol but neither worked fully.
    Glad that is over with

  8. Your quilt is sensational! What fun to feel confident enough to actually get together to share! Yay!

  9. Adding those big stitch circles was a fun idea! I often wonder what people think when they see us out in the wild, hanging our quilts here and there. Ha! Your quilt looks great hanging from the palm! How fun that you were able to get together with your quilting friends again! Yippee!

  10. Beautiful.

  11. I LOVE this quilt! And the hand stitching really makes it special. Thanks for the heads up on email subscription to your blog--I have re-subscribed so I won't be left out :)


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