Thursday, April 1, 2021

Slow Stitching

Not much new has happened in the past week. I've just continued to big stitch circles on my Scrap Challenge quilt. Lots of circles - at least 50, by my lost count. 

Nine different thread colors, and eight or nine different sizes of circles.

Last Friday I received an unexpected happy-news email from Curated Quilts letting me know that my 14" X 14" Dance Around quilt was accepted in the Mini Gallery for the upcoming "Stripes" issue #16.

I quickly set aside time to make a label for the quilt, and will mail it to Utah where it will be photographed for publication.

In case you aren't familiar with Curated Quilts, it's a quarterly quilting publication that's printed on really nice paper (not at all like regular magazine paper), and doesn't have a hint of advertising! That's my favorite part. Here's where to go to get info about obtaining Curated Quilts.

This European fan palm is in our front landscape bed. Can you see what we noticed? Along the trunk? 

A pink flower is blooming! Since this palm doesn't bloom, we determined that vegetation is growing in the trunk! 

Somehow, this nearby begonia seeded in the palm trunk. Isn't that odd? But it's pretty, so we're leaving it there.

Since being able to return to twice-a-week line dancing, I've upped my exercise regime. Funny, but exercising five days a week, for more than an hour at a time, hasn't helped me lose pandemic pounds! With my 50th high school class reunion coming up in June, I have good reason to work harder.

Book Recommendation
The Children's Blizzard is a sad, but true story of a freak winter storm that blew through the Midwest Plains - NE Nebraska and SE South Dakota - on January 12, 1888. The blizzard began just as prairie school children were being let out to return home. 

This fictional story is based on reports of that day, and focuses on:16 and 18 year-old school teachers, sisters Raina and Gerda Olsen - one of whom makes a wise decision and the other who does not; and 11 year-old Anette who, as a servant in the Pederson family household since her mother sold her to them, must leave school, no matter what, and return to the Pederson house.

Accompanying several characters through the storm experience gives the reader an empathy for hardy prairie dwellers to who must be self-sufficient through isolation and hardship. This wasn't an uplifting story to read, but mind-opening to understanding and appreciate the challenges faced by those who accepted the chance to live on 160 acres, prove-up the land, and own it after five years. 

Linda's score: 4.0/5.0

This past week has found me often "in refuge," praying. Sadly, my prayer list grows ever-longer as I pray for friends with health-related concerns, and ask for comfort for those whose loved ones have died. These are tough times for too many people.

Like many of you, I'm remembering Holy Week, and Jesus's sacrifice for each of us - his trial, conviction, suffering, pain, and death. May we all rejoice in the blessedness of Easter. He is risen! Amen. Linda


  1. Congratulations on your little mini getting into Curated Quilts! That's exciting and fun! I'll bet those pounds will drop off soon; I've very slowly started getting out and moving too. My ancestors lived that prairie life; those blizzards are dangerous, even now. Happy Easter to you and your family! He is Risen!

  2. Congratulations on being published! That's a delightful quilt. I love the flowers in your palm. We have ferns growing in ours. And I noticed at Epcot Flower Festival one year that orchids grow nicely in palm trunks. Blessed Easter to you!

  3. Congrats on the Curated Quilts accept! That is really cool!

  4. Really like your circle quilting. AND the acceptance of your mini - that's terrific. That flower in the palm is so sweet!

  5. All those hand sewn circles are just fabulous Linda. They add such a wonderful touch and texture to your quilt. Have a blessed Easter.

  6. Congratulations on having your mini accepted for publication in Curated Quilts! Wishing you a blessed Easter.

  7. Congratulations on publication your mini quilt. You are really getting famous in the quilter world!
    Happy Easter!

  8. The hand stitching really enhances this quilt! I saw a similar quilt at the Vermont Quilt Festival a few years ago and it was one of my favorites. I'll send you the picture if I can find it. Hope you had a good Easter!

  9. Your hand quilting makes this quilt fabulous Linda, and congratulations on having your mini quilt published. What an honor! I really like the labels you make.I know what you mean about the extra pounds. I have been walking briskly on my new treadmill now for about 6 weeks, and it hasn't made a scrap of difference to my weight. Mind you it's supposed to be good for the heart.How lucky you are to still have your Dad at 91. :)) I still miss my Dad even though he's been gone 24 years.


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