Friday, April 23, 2021

Doing and Viewing

This has been another week of not accomplishing much because we went away for a couple nights. Oh, but it was great to be somewhere different!

A friend who lives on New Smyrna Beach invited us to her Atlantic Ocean-side condo. We had fantastic views from the tenth floor, though the weather was mostly uncooperative with enough rain that we were prevented from spending time on the beach, or even eating outdoors at a restaurant.
panoramic photo

You can see how gloomy the weather was. There's a person walking on the beach. 

Still, it was wonderful to spend time with our friend. She has been the recipient of a couple of my quilts and has this one on the back of her sofa.

After entering the front door, when you look down the hall, it's what you see. Very eye-catching! That's the Slopes quilt I made in 2018 following Amanda Jean Nyberg's pattern in her book No Scrap Left Behind. Between the sliders, you can see her dog, Hogan.

Before and after visiting our friend, I've been making a Selene handbag, a pattern by BagstockDesign. I'm thoroughly impressed with this designer because instructions are extremely well-planned and written. Included is a page of labels, each with the piece name, fabrics to cut it from, and dimensions, so information can easily be clipped to all the parts. 

For the exterior of my bag, I'm using several panels of an older Alison Glass panel print called Ex Libris. Accent fabric is aqua-colored linen. 

Construction has gone very well, as I am happily switching among four different feet on my Bernina 770QE. But, I've most appreciated having the ability to lessen the foot pressure as I've pieced seams to join double layers of Pellon Flex Foam and linen.

By adjusting the presser foot pressure from 50 to 25, the bulk easily passes under the foot.

This is as far as I can go until I can attached four rivets. When I ordered handbag parts, the rivet tool set was out of stock. I appreciate being able to borrow one from a friend. 

Book Recommendation

Night of Miracles is the second book in the Mason (Missouri) series by Elizabeth Berg. I certainly enjoyed the first book The Story of Arther Truluv, and book two has earned my approval too. "Sweetly charming" is my description for it. The story continues, following Lucille who is meeting all sorts of people as she gives baking lessons from home. My favorite part was meeting "death" and finding out how Lucille dealt with his presence. New characters include: Iris, Lucille's assistant and Tiny's confident; Monica, a Polly's Henhouse waitress; Tiny, a Henhouse regular who is is the antithesis of his name; and Lucille's next door neighbors Abby, Jason, and Linc. Each character is knowable, understandable, and will have you feeling warm and gooey inside. 

Linda's score: 4.2/5.0

This morning at 5:49 am, we went outside, looked over the roof of our house and gazed into the sky to watch the SpaceEx launch of four astronauts. 

We first saw a small light.  

Then, it grew.
And blurred.

Here's a 170% zoom of a photo I took with my Canon SX620. You can see the "jellyfish" talked about by announcers.

I know lots of people got more spectacular photos than I did, but for being 107 miles away, this isn't too bad. 

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  1. For 107 mile away these are great photos and memories that you got up!!! I like the slopes quilt and it has to be good for your soul to see it in someone else living room!!!

  2. Glad to see that you were able to get away for a couple days, Linda. A change of scenery, even in dreary weather, is still nice. Best of luck on finishing those two bags!

  3. Ohhh . . . that bag is going to be wonderful. Glad you got away even if the weather wasn't great.

  4. Oh my gosh! That Slopes quilt is stunning, and what a gift, and treat to see it again?! The views are to die for too.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for commenting. You're a "no-reply commenter," so I am unable to respond to you by email. I hope you read this! Just wanted to say thank you for thinking my "Slopes" quilt is stunning. You make me smile. You can see more of it on my March 2, 2018 blog post. And yes, we certainly did enjoy some gorgeous ocean views, in spite of the rain!

  5. That's becoming a gorgeous bag and will be perfectly summery for your season ahead.

  6. How nice to be able to visit with your friend at her beachfront condo, even if the weather didn't cooperate. Your quilt looks perfectly at home there, something with rainbow colors seems perfect for a beachside home. Being able to see a SpaceX launch, incredible! I suspect your grandchildren would love to have seen it from your yard too.

  7. How nice to get a little trip! And I appreciate the recommendation of the bag pattern, even if I never get around to it :)

  8. Linda, How nice to visit a friend that lives on a beachfront condo. Sorry the weather wasn't better. Your quilt looked great in her place. Speaking of quilts, I'm making your zig zag pattern as you might remember from eons ago. Question. What color did you bind it with. I can't decide and was trying to find yours on the blog. No success yet. Thanks.

  9. Your quilt adds so much color to your friends condo, and I am sure on a gloomy day or even a sunny day for that matter, it lifts the spirits just to see it.

  10. Nice get-away at the beach, regardless of the weather. Your quilt looks great there. I wasn't up that early, but my husband saw the space launch and unusual sky when he went out to take care of the horses. I like the design of that bag- this will be a cute one.

  11. I saw the rocket launch too from here in North Carolina! Didn't carry my camera out with me - sadly - so will enjoy everyone's pictures too. Bag is looking good.

  12. Gorgeous bag you are making!! Have fun with those rivets! ;-)

  13. Your bag looks great Linda. I love looking at the sea, no matter what the weather. Stormy seas are great! There is something that draws me to it, even though I can't swim and am nervous of being in it! Can't understand that, haha as my star sign is pisces!:)


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