Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sewin' Away

My sewing room has become a bit of a sweat shop in the past couple weeks as I've focused on garment sewing for a little while. That means dragging my Bernette serger out of the box in the closet, and arranging my sewing space a little differently.

I've made three tunic tops for myself, as I'm trying - quite belatedly - to get into the leggings/tunic top phase. What I've discovered is that: 1) I feel somewhat exposed if the top isn't long enough, and 2) I definitely have a pear-shaped figure. Each top I made fits perfectly on the upper half, but is somewhat snug through the hips. Sigh. Hence this picture of the tops, and no picture of me wearing them!

Thankfully, I can make flannel pjs for little boys without worrying too much about a good fit. Baggy is fine, and if the pjs are too big, they'll grow into them. Thus far, I've been able to make only two pair  for two grandsons because I'm waiting for a fabric order from Canada to make two more pair for two other grandsons! It wasn't my first choice to buy flannel from a Canadian website, but JoAnn Fabrics very quickly sold out of suitable designs during their Black Friday sale.

Also, I sewed up another "The Essential Wristlet," a favorite pattern by DogUnderMyDesk. The outside fabric is Blueberry Park.

This is the fifth one I've made, and each one is a little better than the last as I've added an interior zipper pocket; exterior zipper pocket, and a clear vinyl exterior pocket to handily hold a Villager's ID card, needed to get into any rec center.

This wristlet is for a line dance leader who told me her most worn colors are red and blue. The zipper and wrist strap are blue. The inside fabric is a combination of Good Neighbors by Amanda Jean (CrazyMomQuilts), and a favorite Cathy print "blah, blah, blah." The latter is perfect for the cell phone pocket!

An unexpected surprise in the mail was this little Lego creation - a sewing machine! It was put together by my Orlando quilt-y friend, René (RenéCreates). I've admired and wanted one of these cuties, and hoped a grandson might come through for me - perhaps it's a bit challenging for an eight year-old. But this is adorable, isn't it? René is so thoughtful! 

Last Friday evening I attended Advent By Candlelight at Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, Oxford (FL), where we have recently been attending. Twenty-five table hostesses set beautiful Christmas tables for seven other guests.

I sat at this table, invited to it by the hostess who is a quilt-y friend. We heard a message, sang carols, listened to a vocal soloist, and enjoyed Christmas treats.

Now a series of Christmas parties is coming, and I don't understand how they all managed to be schedule nearly on top of one another!

Monday evening (11th) I'll be with members of the Central Florida MQG at the home of one of our members. It's a bring-treats-to-share and a gift-to-swap sort of thing.

Tuesday morning at 8:30 am is the Line Dancing for Exercise Christmas party that's also a bring-treats-to-share event.

At 12:30 pm Big Cypress Quilters has a Christmas party with bring-treats-to-share.

Wednesday evening is a neighbor's open house. Whew. Early December partying could prove exhausting! Linda


  1. Darling little pouch, and yay for all the garments! All that partying - yikes! ;-) Have fun tho!!

  2. You’ll be all partied out Linda! Thank goodness for the solace of the sewing room. Those table arrangements are lovely and very welcoming!

  3. Those flannel prints are so much fun! Nice tops, and the wristlet looks very handy. The vinyl pocket is a clever add-on. Party, party- I'm tired just looking at the list. But then I'm not a big partier- 'tis the season however. Oh my, those tables look so lovely. What a nice idea.

  4. I'm impressed with all your garment sewing. It's something I used to do a little of for myself and then more for my kids. Never felt too confident. Maybe I'll pick it up again when I have grandkids. I love the concept of different table settings. They are all so pretty. Have fun at all your parties.

  5. You have been busy! I too have wanted to try the leggings tunic combo. But I don't have your lovely legs (I remember the cute skirts you sewed) I'm going to need a really loooong tunic! ;)

  6. As always, such a delightful post, filled with lots of eye candy! Your tops are darling! I can’t picture you as pear shaped, you’re so little and cute. The boys will love their custom pj pants! Gosh, I haven’t sewn garments in years. And years! Such beautiful table settings, too. The Christmas holiday season can be so much fun!


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