Monday, November 27, 2017

Quilt Along #3 - Bernina Zen Chic

The last of the three quilt alongs I've been involved with recently is the first one I started in August of this year. It's the Bernina Zen Chic Quilt Along. Since Brigitte Heitland is the face of Zen Chic, and Brigitte lives in Germany, the quilt along blog posts are first available on the Bernina blog in German, then in English.

The quilt, which is made of 12 differently-pieced 60-degree triangle blocks, is supposed to finish at queen-size.

I've decided to make the blocks, and upload pictures to the Bernina website. That means each set of blocks has been photographed. These are the seven sets of triangle blocks I have made thus far.
Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Block 6 
Block 7
As you can see, I'm going with a teal/sea glass green analogous color combination. There's one punch color, and mine will be a solid fuchsia! All fabrics are from my stash.

Truth be told, I had to make a couple sets twice. I'm telling you my mistake so you don't make the same...

When printing the foundation paper-pieced pages onto Carol Doak foundation paper, I just hit "print." I didn't notice that my MacBook talked to my Canon MX870 printer and told it to automatically reduce the page size to 92 percent. Argh! I didn't realize the error until I had made the first two sets of blocks, and was printing papers for the third set of blocks! So, I had to remake. Sheesh. Now that have quite a few triangles that are a bit too small to use they'll likely go on the back of the quilt, which I find is the best way to use orphan blocks. 

I wish that Bernina Zen Chic would post one blog page with links to each of the blocks... but they haven't. So to make it easier for you in case you'd like to join in, here are the links to the seven blocks posted so far:

Even though Thanksgiving is behind us, all of us have reasons to be grateful all the time. I'm grateful that this young man - our three+ -year old grandson, Luke - is attending a Christian pre-school. This video made me melt. 

The lyrics are:
Build a steeple, built a steeple
Way up high, way up high
Put your hands together, put your hands together
Close your eyes, close your eyes
Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus
For our food, for our food
Many many blessings, many many blessings
A-men, a-men.
Followed by a really cute grin. 👼

Many, many blessings indeed! Linda


  1. Oh, that is so sweet. Love the little prayer song. And your color choices are so great, would love to make a quilt in the same color combinations.

  2. What a sweetie! Love those blues! They're going to make a most interesting quilt!

  3. I love your fabrics. Your blocks are all so pretty and precisely sewn. You are doing so well.... and with what appears to be very sketchy instructions with the patterns. (and the little boy is very cute)

  4. I love seeing your beautiful triangle sets--so it's a mystery what it will become? It will be beautiful in those colors. I loved the smile on your little songster's face--so sweet. I hadn't heard that song before. We do a rhyming verse with the chapel and steeple and all the people; now I have another!

  5. Love your color combo and will be watching for the fuchsia pop! I think the first block is my favorite. Maybe because I've been watching that volcano getting ready to erupt in Bali. (It's absolutely fascinating me.) Darling video! Yes, many blessings indeed.

  6. Your grandson is adorable!! Thanks for all the triangle links. I really like the first one as I recently saw a quilt on Pinterest with this half and half block and have been thinking about giving it a try next year. The link will be helpful.


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