Sunday, November 19, 2017

RE-Catching Up!

Oh my! I messed up on my last post. I thought I was all caught up on the Wayward Transparency Quilt Along and then discovered I wasn't! How I found out is through Yvonne (QuiltingJetGirl) who's the Wayward designer! It seems that she reads my blog, and in her comment she gently suggested I reread the last quilt along instructions.

Whoops. Piecing step #2 was to actually piece together four 24-1/2" (unfinished) blocks. So this was my Saturday evening piecing fun. I sewed together two of these blocks...

... and two of these blocks.

I couldn't resist putting them together on my design wall, and I'm really liking it! Can you see the transparency effect?

The next step on November 24 will likely be to decide if I want to keep my quilt at 48", and if so, which of these arrangements to sew it into.

Or, I could decide to set it on point and add Kona Flame (darkest orange) setting triangles on four sides to make a 68" square quilt.

I have until Friday to decide how I'll proceed, but I'm leaning toward the 48" size thinking I could put it on a white wall across from the tangerine orange wall in the living room.

Feels very good to now be caught up on the along! Linda


  1. Oh my goodness.....those blocks doing strange things to my eyes, especially that square one, as I was scrolling down! I think you’ve nailed the transparency concept! And guess what....we have an orange heart emoji! (Just not on my iPad, it seems! )

  2. Wow, this is bright and ... flashy SHA-ZAAAAM and BAM!
    Orange is perfect. .... although..... maybe you could make MORE in all different colors. Or, just use your magic wand and then move on to the next exciting adventure.

  3. So many possibilities! It will be interesting to see which you choose, and more importantly how you decide to quilt it. It will be perfect on your wall in sunny Florida!

  4. Very cool effect with the blocks!

  5. Wow! Yvonne's design is so effective in capturing that transparency, and I love your orange interpretation. Looking forward to seeing your final layout ;-)

  6. You definitely chose good shades of orange to get the transparency effect.
    It looks great.

  7. I like the overall effect and will be interested to see which layout you decide on and how you finish it.

  8. Fun to see your quilt come together--and I love that orange-orange-orange. Beautiful work on the transparency, Linda!

  9. The transparency effect on this block is great! Have fun with it.

  10. Oh, my goodness, LINDA, you are so very clever! Good job using available wall space to your advantage, and so effectively, at that. I’ll bet it really adds cheer in these gloomy winter days! I’m excited at how pleased you are with your homemade basting spray, and will spread the word of your success. Enjoy your day!



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