Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sewing, Quilting, and Giving Thanks

Last week I finished sewing two Kismet Trinket Boxes from a pattern by Sew Sweetness Designs. I made them for each of our Kansas City grandsons to use for their headphones and MP3 players.

I mailed the boxes to them before taking pictures (oops), but I took one picture before taking apart the box and cutting down the height to about 1-3/4". In spite of having to mess with the pattern to get the box the right size, these should do nicely to protect their headphones. 

The second of three quilt alongs I'm doing is Leila's Year of Scrappy Triangles. I wanted to participate for two reasons.

First, I know Leila. She lived in Des Moines when I did, and we knew each other through the modern quilt guild. She was among a group of modern quilters I taught to sew blocks together using the "web" technique.

Second, I love the idea of using up scraps! What quilter doesn't?!  

Thus far, these are the 6-1/2" square foundation paper-pieced blocks I've made. You'll note that each one has a single triangle on one side and different piecing on the opposite triangle. 

Leila releases a new design every week so that means I'll always have blocks to make! But no worries. It's easy to pull scraps, cut them up, and sew every Tuesday afternoon  with Big Cypress Quilters. Actually the blocks are perfect for sewing on my little, five-pound, aqua-colored Janome Derby.

This past week I also FMQed on our 2018 QuiltCon Charity Challenge quilt. Five of us are making it together. Jane quilted it first, using her walking foot to stabilize all the pieced Waves of the Ocean blocks, and quilt vertical zig-zags of different widths on both sides of the blocks. She did a beautiful job.

I added some ruler work, and a lot more free motion quilting to fill in some of the spaces in the centers and sides of the pieced blocks, and along some of the zig-zags. I have passed it off to another Linda who will add binding and a hanging sleeve.

We've named the quilt "Florida Waves" (the traditional block is called Waves of the Ocean) and it will be included in a display of Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild quilts at World Quilt Florida on January 18, 19, and 20 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Then, the quilt will be shipped to Pasadena for display at QuiltCon from February 22-25. After the quilt is returned to us, we'll donate it to a charitable organization.

I've also been piecing blocks for the third quilt along I'm involved with, and sewing clothes. Mostly though, I've been counting my blessings and feeling extremely grateful.

An appointment with my oncologist this week was a positive experience. In four more months it will be five years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer (lumpectomy and radiation). I just learned about a new test (developed in the past year or so) called the "breast cancer index." It's now being used to examine tissue collected when the cancer was first treated, and determine: 1) what risk there may be in the cancer's return, and; 2) whether it's beneficial for the individual to remain on the hormone drug treatment for another five years. My drug treatment for the past four years and eight months has been Arimidex. When I return for my next check-up in May, I'll learn the results of the tests on my own tissue, and whether I may be permitted to go off Arimidex. I am certainly hoping I'm a candidate for going off Arimidex so as to not have to always deal with weight gain, and seven to eight hot flashes a day.

Still, I am counting my blessings and all the things for which I am grateful - our families are healthy; Hogan (our dog) recently passed 14 years old, and except for being deaf, is well; and Dan and I are living happily in our home and enjoying our retirement lifestyle.

God is always good, and wants only the best for us. Happy Thanksgivings, friends! Linda


  1. Glad you had a positive office visit!!! We all have so much to be thankful for. I just had a friend fall and broke her shoulder and her hip!! She's a tough lady but whew!!! Anything can happen to us at our age.

  2. What a delightful blogpost Linda! I have my fingers crossed for too that the breast cancer index test brings the result you are after. Being able to go off that ghastly medication would be wonderful, I bet! The trinket boxes are great. I’m sure the boys will love them! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. So pleased about your dr. report. That would be wonderful if you could go off that med.
    And Love your charity quilt - really lovely.
    AND fun with the triangle blocks! I need to get back to mine!

  4. Very good news from the dr. visit! Your Waves quilt so colorful and fun. And those pieced triangles- always a surprise each week. I like them.

  5. Glad the doctor's visit went well. I am also doing Leila's scrappy triangles. And by doing I mean printing them out and looking at the paper :)
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. That's interesting about the latest research - here's hoping you can stop the Arimidex! Happy Thanksgiving, Linda. I super-love those half-pieced HST blocks.

  7. The quilt looks great and I like all the bright colors. And good news from the doc is always a wonderful thing.

  8. Your Florida Waves quilt looks great. Nice quilting ideas on it. So glad to hear your Dr. visit had such good news. Hope you are a candidate for stopping your drugs. A bit late, but Happy Thanksgiving holiday for you. We had a late one this year. Still recouping from all the work.:)

  9. What a lovely post! As I read through it, I was thinking about your quilting and your sewing and feeling really happy that you'd put the days of being isolated with your wrist behind you, and could sew to your heart's content. I'm also hopeful for you that your five year check-up will prove fruitful in the way you hope. I had my six-year melanoma check-up yesterday and I don't have to go back anymore--such a relief not to have those yearly "mortality" reminders. Now I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop...there is always a shoe waiting to drop, right? But what a wonderful post today--thanks for these writings of gladness.



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