Friday, August 4, 2017

Family Time in Kansas City

Well, I'm back from two weeks in Kansas City, but I'm not back from Mars.

From July 19 to August 2 I was in Kansas City at our daughter Jill's house, spending some time with her, but mostly being with our grandchildren. I arrived at their house on a Wednesday at about 10 am, and by 12:30 pm Jill and granddaughter Celina were away, heading out on a five day mother-daughter driving trip to South Dakota and Wyoming. While they went to the Black Hills, Badlands, Corn Palace, Wall Drug, Devil's Tower, Custer State Park, and Crazy Horse, I took care of six and seven year-old boys!

We spent a day at SeaLife and Legoland which are side-by-side in downtown KC.
(L) Tay, age 7; (R) Aesa, age 6
I think this was the fourth time I've been to the KC Legoland (once to the Florida Legoland), and I never fail to be impressed with the Lego display of downtown Kansas City. That's Union Station center-left. 

And the KC Royals baseball stadium.

Tay and Aesa like the rides...

... and the 4-D movies. 

Once Jill and Celina returned home, instead of sending the two boys to Wee Workshop (they love it because every day in the summer is a field trip of some sort) I kept one of them with me for a day.

Each of them wanted to visit "Uncle Evan's Pet Store," which is in fact Olathe Pet Shop, a five year-old, successful, kid-friendly pet store. Both boys love walking through the fish tunnel, and especially like to handle the reptiles.

Tay favored the corn snake, and decided it "really liked me."

Aesa's a lizard sort of guy.

The boys have very different personalities, so it was almost impossible to get them to pose together for a picture. What picture-taking time turned out to be was a time for making silly faces and poses!

Aesa and I made the Elmer's School Glue Slime following this recipe. It really did turn out ooey-gooey-slimey! 

Celina time was spent going to Half-Price Books where Celi got two Stephen King paperbacks - her lifetime goal is to read every Stephen King novel! - visiting two antique malls...

... and eating sweets for lunch at the Clocktower Bakery in old Overland Park - tiramisu for her and an eclair and lavender macaron for me.

This turquoise Fiestaware teapot was my find at the Mission Road Antique Mall. Just $18! Brought it home on my Southwest flight direct from KC to Orlando. It was in my carry-on bag, and though the TSA fella paused on his viewer for a good bit, it moved along without incident.

Here's Celina is holding her second cousin, Maddy, who's the eight month-old daughter of Uncle Evan, the pet store owner. Tay confessed that he loves Maddy who's mom is on the left.

Who wouldn't love such a happy face?! She's in her grandma Susan's (my sister) arms. 

Our family adventure together was to drive three hours east of KC to Innsbrook, Missouri where we stayed for two nights at their new-to-them second home - a lakeside A-frame. It was wonderful! 

This is the back deck...

... and this is the view from their back deck. Just lovely!

From the stairs to the dock.

I kayaked for the first time, and thoroughly like the peacefulness of it. The family's teacup poodle, Milson, isn't a bit afraid of the water. He jumped in and paddled to me where I hauled him up on the back of the kayak.

The little boys have their own small kayaks, and Celina has a paddleboard that she stands on. We all had fun being on the water and in the sun. The weather was perfect!

With no Internet access, or a TV, we each found ways to while away our time. I'm wishing this young lady all the best as she begins her first year of college at Colorado State (Fort Collins, Colorado) on Monday, August 21 - the same day as the eclipse.

The area they live in is really lovely for hiking too, which Aesa, Celi and I did one morning. 

As for not being back from Mars... that's in reference to the July 17 post I wrote here. I remain "on Mars," as far as my left wrist is concerned. After taking the anti-inflammatory drug for 22 days thus far, I'm not seeing much, if any, reduction in the swelling. Nor does my wrist feel a whole lot better, though I have been really good and have done no hand work, sewing, quilting, or ukulele-playing. Each night I wear the brace to bed, as instructed by my doctor. I don't know where this is all leading, but I know for sure that I'm teaching an all day workshop - Domestic Machine Quilting - on Saturday, August 12, right here in The Villages. I will be demonstrating FMQ. And I teach again on August 21 and 22 in South Carolina.

I'm 🙏 over my own wrist for a complete recovery. May the good Lord answer my prayers! Linda


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip. The kids are all getting so big/grown up. Great that you had "you" time with each of them. Cute tea pot.

  2. Isnt it lovely to have grandchildren time. They grow SO fast. My youngest two ( the ones I see the most, but only about 6 times a year) are nearly 13 & 15 respectively. I am so sad that they are growing so fast! Your adventures look great! Nice to have a record of them.

  3. OK, who really had more fun! HA Sorry about your wrist...I've got De Quervain's tendonitis and was going to have surgery but opted for one more injection (Dr.will only give two). So far I have been fine. I know the frustration you're having. Hope you get some resolution and soon!!!

  4. Such a wonderful and happy family holiday. And the cabin by the lake looks glorious indeed.

  5. Oh my. You went right past my house!!!

  6. Such great pics of the kids and family having fun at so many different places. The A Frame looks very much like a friend of mine who lived there about 20 years ago. I have lost touch with them, so don't know if they still have it or not. I'm so glad you enjoyed the area. We almost bought there when we first got our house at the Lake of the Ozarks. Not sure why we didn't. The Lake has bigger game fish, I think and we were into fishing big time! lol Very pretty tea pot. Like the shape and color too. I sure hope your wrist starts improving rapidly, especially since you've been such a good patient.

  7. I'm so sorry your wrist is no better! I can imagine it is very frustrating, after all this time! The house and lake look idyllic...just what imagine America to be, away from the cities!

  8. Oh I do hope your wrist gets better fast fast fast. I can't imagine you not being able to sew or play your ukulele. Your grandchildren are so sweet. Looks like a wonderful time in the midwest and on the water. I don't think I'll be the grannie taking kids to the pet store to hold snakes. They are the one thing I do not like at all. I have a real hate (yet fascination) of them.


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