Saturday, August 5, 2017

Friends Time in Kansas City

While the primary reason I went to Kansas City for two weeks was to be with family, I did set aside a few hours to spend with friends. 

It was a real treat to spend several hours over coffee and in great conversation with my friend, Carla. We met through our blogs - she is LollyQuiltz - though I'm sad to say that she is no longer blogging. I always liked her excellent photography, and humorous writing style. In person, she's as sweet and lovely as she came across while blogging. I'm so grateful we had a chance for a good catch-up. 

Jacquie Gering also graciously set aside time for me. After we chatted briefly at QuiltCon in Savannah in February, and I told her I would be visiting KC a couple times in 2017, she said to call her up when I was in town. So, I did.

I visited her studio in the River Market area, enjoyed a delicious lunch at a nearby café, and returned to her studio... all the while talking about the Modern Quilt Guild and her participation in founding it, QuiltCon show quilts, MQG chapter activities, Bernina sewing machines, quilting styles, and more! I'm sure I could have way overstayed my welcome. As it was I took 90 minutes out of her precious workday.

Yes, Jacquie views quiltmaking as a job, which is why she moved all of it out of her home and into this building which she shares with four (maybe only three) other artists. Jacquie puts in regular hours in addition to extensive traveling. No doubt her book Walk (all about walking foot quilting), which is in its third printing, has much to do with that. To cut back on travel, her goal is to offer, in the studio, teaching quilt retreats to groups of eight quilters. She'll set up sewing space and offer side trips in the KC area. Quilters would get a full weekend of lessons and activities. Sounds like lots of fun to me!

My last stop in KC was on my last day there. I paid a visit to KC Modern Makers. I love Elizabeth's little shop. She carries so many things I like! It's always hard to narrow down my purchases. She has a wonderful collection of solids that include several types/brands: shot cotton, Kona, Free Spirit, and my new favorite Painter's Palette. It always happens though that I look at this wall and wonder, "Which colors do I already have a home?"

In addition, she carries a great assortment of garment patterns (not like those found at JoAnn Fabrics), and a variety of different weight fabrics: knits, voile, double gauze, decor weight, bottom weight. Also, Aurifil thread in several different weights, and Mettler thread.

What I'm saying about KC Modern Makers is that it's not just about quilts, and that really appeals to me.

I did come home with some quilting cottons though. I'm planning top two in this photo will be sewn into drawstring neck halter tops (still looking for a tutorial after seeing a ready-made top that I loved). I also bought one knit for a sleeved top, and one bottom weight for a pair of shorts. Obviously, all this will happened when my wrist is healed and I'm free to sew again!

It's probably just as well that I'm without my favorite sewing machine right now. My Bernina 440 has been at the local vac and sewing store since July 18, just for it's annual tune-up. I'm hoping to hear soon that it's ready!

On August 3 I started this six week online Bible study: We Saved You a Seat. The series is about friendships - how to be a better friend, and to make friends - and how Jesus modeled friendship for us. I sometimes think I'm a better on-line friend than an in-person friend, so I'm looking for ways to improve. I am definitely not doing well at keeping my Iowa friends. 😟

Getting to go to a Lifeway Christian Bookstore is something I look forward to when I'm in KC. When buying the "We Saved You a Seat" study, I also preordered Beth Moore's newest study: "Quest." I'll have my eyes open for a church that may be offering that video series.

You might guess that I'm trying to stay in the Word each day, and I am. Since living here for five years, worshipping every Sunday, looking for a church to call home, and attending a dozen different churches, I recently decided "I've had enough." I made the decision to return to worshipping with Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines, Iowa. While I can't go there physically, I can attend each Sunday morning NOON (Eastern time) via Hope's online simulcast. The sermon is dependably Bible-based, and the message always comes through loud and clear. If you'd ever like to join me, and receive the same blessings I do, here's the Sunday morning worship link. Linda


  1. How lovely to get time with both Carla and Jacquie. You look so cute in the photos. Who knows, maybe you and I can also plan a time in KC together. My husband has two siblings there with a third moving back next year so we'll be planning a visit perhaps next summer/fall.

  2. I enjoy your blog! You Always have interesting "stuff" and I would love to take the Bible study,too! We are kindred spirits.- Bell Moore

  3. Wonderful adventure Linda
    I hate the splint too. My right thumb us bothering me at this moment. splints help, but really we just need to get that 3D printer and a good surgeon. haha
    Thank you bunches for the link to the Worship service at 11.
    I will listen tomorrow. Finding a church family right in your neighborhood is hard. Thank you for sharing this dear friend.

  4. I miss Carla's blog writing too! Lovely to see her smiling face here!

  5. What a lovely post! I am impressed with how proactive you are in connecting with people! That makes you a good friend indeed! And good for you for finding a place where your heart and soul can be nourished!

  6. Fun that you got to hang out with Carla AND Jacquie!! And RE: Lutheran Church of Hope - a former coworker (and friend) works there! ;-)

  7. How wonderful you were able to visit with Carla!! I also miss her blog but am happy to see her updates on Facebook. Lucky you to see Jacquie's studio!! I would love to see where she creates!!

  8. I have enjoyed seeing your trip and all that you have done. That wall of solids is impressive to say the least.

  9. Love the details of your trip (this post and the previous) and love seeing your smiling face with friends, new friends, and family. I'm glad you've found your spot, church-wise, and that you have a new Bible study course. And I'm hoping that wrist is still healing up--do they let you ice it, or is that a no-no?

  10. What fun to have met up with your friend Carla and Jackie. We had Jackie as a guest speaker and she gave a workshop several years ago. She is a good teacher and lots of fun. That quilt shop looks like a great one. Will have to try and remember to check it out if I get to KC any time in the near future.

  11. Friend time is always fun when traveling. Glad you had fun! Maintaining relationships when we move away is difficult. Good luck finding that happy medium.


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