Sunday, August 27, 2017

Color Explosion

Sunday morning I walked into my sewing room and just had to grin at what I saw - a color explosion! I probably didn't notice it the evening before because the blinds were closed and I was focused on my work. But by the light of day... wow.

It looks pretty messy too, but I don't care a bit! And that's coming from a neat-nut. 😜

Every project has my avid interest. 

Since my left wrist is feeling better (for now, I am NOT playing the ukulele because that's what triggers the pain), I'm FMQing again. Hooray! Last evening I finished quilting this scrappy-strings quilt that was sewn onto telephone book pages. Binding up next!

I also progressed on my LindaNova EPP design. Love the addition of the striped fabrics to give it movement. I'm just finding it difficult to manipulate the piecing with all those stiff papers in the back.

On the design wall is this in-progress pieced backing for a quilt that five of us are making as our 2018 QuiltCon Charity quilt entry. All the fabrics - Painter's Palette Solids - were donated to us by Paintbrush Studios. We're short of the Rice Paper-colored solid for the vertical strip. Gotta get that ordered, but I'm waiting for a Labor Day weekend sale! I've also requested a donation of Aurifil 50-weight thread, but after sending the company three emails - one a week - I still haven't received a reply. Might have to give up on that idea.

And I resurrected this 17" X 17" Octagonal Orb quilt block that I will quilt for a pillow. I'd originally thought to make a whole quilt with this free pattern by Elizabeth Hartman, but after deciding it's a bit tricky to assemble, I settled for one. Love those colors though!

Even my breakfast is colorful! I'm still enjoying my new Fiestaware dishes. And I am very proud to say I'm now making my own yogurt too! It's topped with homemade granola, ground flaxseed and blueberries. Yummy in my tummy!

A colorful feast for my eyes - in a bowl, and in my favorite room! 🙌 Linda


  1. It would be wonderful to be surrounded by all that fabric colour! Enjoy!

  2. Love love all that color. Especially your EPP!! Your QuiltCon quilt looks like it's coming along very nicely too. I'm having a lot of second thoughts about ours but it will be what it will be. Too late to go back now and change anything as blocks are already being sewn.

  3. That's your explosion? HAHAHAHAHAAAA
    I do not like being messy, but I always have a lot going on, so I know what you mean about "multi-projecting" <- that is a new term, I am pretty sure

  4. Yes, what a fun room to walk into! So cheery and so much fun play going on in that shot. The string quilt is super nice - I always fall for great rainbow quilts. The pillow is going to be gorgeous, for sure, with those colors. And EPP has been on my long-term bucket list for quite a while. I imagine there's a knack for handling the stiffness when sewing pieces together. Yours looks so pretty.

  5. Colorful and so cheerful! Messy is status quo for my sewing room, no matter how I try to tame it. I love that Octagonal Orb!

  6. All that colour certainly makes me happy! And your joy at being back in your sewing room makes me happy too! Happy sewing! 😄

  7. All of these projects are very pretty!

  8. So fun. Of course we all want to come and sew all day with you in that colorful room of yours--what a lovely visual treat to walk into! Glad you are enjoying your own yogurt--we eat our own homemade granola every day, and love that treat to start my day.

  9. Your sewing room makes me want to get in there and SEW!!! I too love lots of color. Your string quilt looks so bright and cheery. I make lots of these for donations. It still has not used up the mountains of string scraps I have though. I have not made any yogurt yet, but my Instant Pot has a button for making it. Easy peasy I'm told.


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