Monday, July 17, 2017

Linda's Gone to Mars

Would you believe... "Linda's Gone to Mars," is the name of one of the Ukulele Player's Club songs?!

I had never heard this song until I join this group. Though last Thursday I attended and sang along during the club play, I didn't take along or play my uke. πŸ˜’

That's why I posted the song... "Oh my stars!" I feel like I am "going to Mars!" That's because last Wednesday my GP diagnosed my wrist problem as carpal tunnel syndrome. He prescribed Mobic, an anti-inflammatory drug, and told me not to play the ukulele, quilt, or sew for a month!
If you're a quilter, you understand why I feel like I'm Mars-bound. Stark. Raving. Outer space-bound. 

I'm happy to say that before the doc gave me my "ticket to Mars" 😏 I did a few sew-y things.

I completed a Zip Up Travel Tray. This one is made with a Carrie Bloomston print. 

It's so neat how it springs open. That's due to the Pellon F72 double-sided fusible that must be used to get that action. And I'll add that what I was told is true... it's a stinker to hand sew the binding on each end. It's just awkward, but worth it for the end result.

I also sewed this adaptation of an Edith Bag using fabric I bought when I was in Switzerland in 2002. It seemed most appropriate to use this print because the bag will be used to hold EpiPens!

Our three year-old grandson, Luke, is highly allergic to peanuts, so his mom carries a EpiPen everywhere - actually, three pens: an unexpired one, an expired one, and a "trainer." The bag print is a good indicator of "emergency." I used Insul-Brite as batting, so the pens should stay cool (as they're supposed to) in the Texas heat.

Our DIL sent this photo after the bag arrived in the mail, showing me that it holds everything. Yay for being able to make something useful!

The Tula Nova pattern and the papers arrived in last week's mail, so I chose and cut out fabric for the first three rounds. I think I'll rename this Linda Nova, as prints and solids in all the colors of the rainbow are of my own choosing.  

I also cut out my Simplicity pattern for an Outback Wife dress using Ella Blue Fabrics "Bindi" barkcloth.

And not pictured are three more quilt tops to be quilted as part of my #summerofFMQ. Sigh. It's gonna be a while until any of these WIPs see action again. 

Through the Central Florida MQG I helped coordinate plans and then signed up to take this past Saturday's "Leftovers" workshop with Debra Jalbert (MadeofHonorQuilts) in Clermont, Florida. I looked forward to learning Debra's process for making tiny improv blocks that would use up scraps and make a neat modern quilt. But after the doc's order, I needed to back out. However, quilter and (former Iowan) friend Karen encouraged me to go anyway - to socialize and offer color advice. I did just that, as well as take pictures for the Central Florida MQG blog post about it HERE

Aren't these wonderful?! Such a good start for each of them to make a mug rug, or pillow, or quilt. I'm pretty sure I had nearly as much fun as everyone else. Of course, after seeing what my fellow quilters created, I've been anxious to try this myself.  

But I'm being good.

So, what's a ukulele-playing, crocheter, sewist, quilter supposed to do when she mustn't?!

Read. Watch TV. Clean house?! Ha. How about... Go to Mars?!  πŸš€ Linda


  1. Oh my, Linda- this is a challenge for sure! Now let's think- what inspiring, crafty thing can you do without aggravating your hands??? I guess a good time for reading, Bible study, support operations like picture-taking at your groups as you did with the Improv class. At least you can attend and happily sing along with the Uke group. But yes, you must feel "out there" in Mars! Hope things improve rapidly.

  2. A road trip sounds like a good idea! Gee whiz - so sorry for the month of non-doing-what-you-want-to-do!

  3. That's a lot to show from a woman who can't work at her machine! Love the idea of the epi pen bag. You're so smart!

  4. ACK!!! I do know how you feel -- it's awful awful awful that someone like you, with all those talents, has to spend a month reading and socializing with her quilt group, instead of digging in to tackle all those projects you have in mind. Can you head to some museums? Take a trip or two? I remember that exquisite itinerary you had for Di, and hope that you could borrow some of those stops now, as you need some distraction. I send along healing wishes, and sing-a-longs (with no playing), and maybe some movies?

  5. Love the zip up tray and epi bag! I will be going to Mars with you. Although I can sew, therefore I will take a later flight. I broke my toe and cannot play Pickleball, the only thing that keeps me sane besides quilting, for six weeks. I tore ligaments and muscle damage! Ugh

  6. Maybe cook? And eat the results? Go for walks? Are you allowed to kayak?

    1. Ha, ha. You must not know that I don't cook. Hubs does all the cooking, and he's fantastic at it. Yep, I sure do eat, but it's too easy to overindulge on his good food. I am most certainly walking, for an hour on the days I don't line dance. As for kayaking, I've never tried it. This probably isn't a good time to take up something new. Wouldn't I need to clutch an oar? It's the wqueezing that makes my wrist hurt. I appreciate your suggestion, though! Thanks for trying to help out!

  7. Linda, I hope the month with no sewing and no playing music goes by fast! You managed to create some great projects prior to your strick orders! Must check out that zip tray pattern!

  8. I love the epi pen bag but why three pens? Won't you have to make more than one bag so he'll have one nearby with anyone he's with? I know the one can go with him but just in case it's forgotten. Just being nosy!

  9. Hi Mary! You're a no-reply commenter, so I can only reply to you here. I hope you see it.

    Our daughter-in-law is storing all three pens in the bag. One pen is used to train someone how to use the pen. One pen is the good one with an unexpired date. And just in case, an expired pen is there too. These pens are extremely expensive, and have a short shelf life, so rather than toss it, she's using it as a back-up. So, three pens in one bag that goes wherever Luke goes.

  10. The epi-pen bag was a great idea! We are trained in their use, here in Australian schools. We have one we practise with and many in a variety of locations around the school. The number of students who have analyphalaxis is growing enormously here. I am so sorry to hear the recovery time has been pushed back again. Could you do some quilt designing on your computer? Does that need both hands? What about long, leisurely early morning walks before the heat, and lazy afternoon naps? I'm not sure how I'd cope. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  11. Linda, I hope you wrist recovers quickly. You may want to add "complementary" medicine -- acupuncture. It really helped me get over a neck injury! I do know how frustrating it is not to be able to do your quilting and sewing - had a broken knee and was in a straight cast and could not bend my leg. Ugh! I love your blog - thanks for the info on the leftovers quilt. Love it and going to try it.

    1. Hello! Thanks for your lovely comment. I'm replying here, hoping you read it, as you're a no-reply commenter, so I'm unable to send you a private email response. I appreciate knowing that acupuncture is an option. While the thought of it makes me fell like swooning, if that's what my doc recommended, I would sure do it. In the meantime, I do think my wrist is improving. I'm definitely not getting little zings of pain as I did a couple weeks ago. I'll keep taking my drug and "being good." I'm scheduled to teach free motion quilting workshops three times in August, and I don't want anything to get in the way of that important (and fun!) task. :-) I also appreciate your lovely compliment about my blog. Thank you! It's very nice of you to say so!

  12. Hope you are improving every day and that the "meds" do the trick! I have a prolific quilter friend that has had both her wrists operated on. I don't know why she didn't go stir crazy! Take care and get better!

  13. Hi Linda, I sure hated to hear of your carpal tunnel. I cant imagine going an entire month without doing some kind of sewing. The ukulele group looks like so much fun! Looking forward to your being in SC in August!

  14. Hi Linda, hope your wrist gets better soon and that the ticket to Mars includes the return flight in a month ;-)
    I love to see the bag and am also glad that you DIL can use it for EpiPens. I also love the scraps. They are looking great. I am wondering how they will look after they have been more work on them.



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