Sunday, July 16, 2017

Outer Space

I finished my Outer Space quilt in June, before my carpal tunnel diagnosis. Could creating Outer Space have triggered anything related to Linda's Gone to Mars?! 😂

Outer Space is my own design that didn't turn out like I envisioned.

Though, I began with elements I really love - circles... (template made using freezer paper and a pencil on a string)

... and color. Orange and aqua solids.

I'm also very interested in transparency, a design element in which a shape appears to pass behind or in front of another. It's achieved by using several values of a color. 

In the photo below, you can see the horizontal color changes in the aqua, and the vertical color changes in the orange. 

After much repositioning and futzing around with the design, and tilting the shapes, I hand-appliqued the circles onto a pieced background of different gray solids. The aqua and white, and orange and white strips are pieced into the quilt.

The quilt sandwich was made with Quilter's Dream Cotton Request and a pretty tangerine-colored backing from the Etsy shop: Dragonfly Quiltworks - Spot-On Wide by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Using light silver Aurifil 50-weight, I quilted a circular design to help tie together the largest orange circle and the aqua checkerboard circle.

Then I added a number of long wavy lines of rays that travel through the quilt, forming channels. 

The wavy rays are emphasized on both sides by tight waves and swirls.

I used "No Tails Binding: Mitered Corners by Machine" to bind the quilt. If you're a member of the Modern Quilt Guild, you can view my free binding webinar here.

Outer Space, 60" X 72"

I showed Outer Space at our June 12 Central Florida MQG meeting when my wrist was still well, and I was moving forward on my self-directed #summerofFMQ. This was to be the first of four quilt finishes this summer.

The other three quilt tops remain WIPs until my left wrist returns to normal.

Outer Space will be donated to Project Linus.  Linda


  1. You really see this in its true perspective once we see you standing beside your Outer Space quilt. I had imagined it much smaller! I love all the detail of the quilting Linda! You sure know how to bring that background to the fore! All those circles and swirls add such life and texture!

  2. What an inspiring design! I can see the old 'straw through an orange' and so much more in this, and your quilting is just right for adding texture and dimension. Sorry to hear your carpal tunnel issue is still giving you problems, that can sure slow down quilting progress can't it? Will you have surgery soon or are you trying to try rest for a few more weeks to see if it will heal on its own?

  3. This is terrific, Linda! Might you exhibit it before donating? It looks like a Modern Quilt category winner to me!

  4. I really like this quilt and of course the quilting is out of this world again, which really adds to this quilt in so many ways. I hope your hand is healing so you can soon be behind your machine again.

  5. That is quite the optical illusion! I really like this design!

  6. So fabulous! I understand about best-laid plans going off in another direction, so I hope the downtime is allowing you a chance to hoard up new ideas and patterns and designs for when you do return to action. I loved that last photo of you by your quilt--it made me smile!

  7. Another fun and fantastic quilt. Some little kid will absolutely love this too. Your quilt is also "out of this world" as usual. You should be very happy with the outcome of this one.

  8. Linda, well done! Loved seeing your progress and oh the quilting! Fabulous! So sorry about your wrist!

  9. Very cool quilt. Verrrrry cool
    I bet everyone at The Villages thinks you are amazing too. The town arteest. Well, you are.
    I am so happy you are giving this treasure to Project Linus. That is so generous.

  10. Wow, Linda! It's fantabulous, and a lot larger than it appears! Just loving it! I'm so intrigued with transparency. There will be a huge smile on a child's face upon receipt of this beauty! Your work will be greatly appreciated for years to come!



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