Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Star Wars and Pirates

My wee grandsons are not so "wee" anymore. Each one's personality is different, and that was really brought to attention when I received their school pictures. I simply had to line them up - in birth order - so I could enjoy and admire their differences. Those expressions!

Tay is in first grade; Austin is in first grade; and Aesa is in kindergarten. Brothers Tay and Aesa are 13 months apart in age. These facial expressions just make me grin. 

With Halloween coming up, it's time to pick costumes. I'm getting a kick out of Austin who is already practicing his Luke Skywalker character.

It's extra ironic that Austin's little brother (2-1/2 years old) Luke, will be Darth Vader! These boys. That expression! Too cute!

Tay and Aesa are coming to visit soon, and we're terribly excited about that! We'll be welcoming them as pirates who we'll take to Trunk or Treat. I'm predicting that there will be numerous golf cart rides, some boccé ball, pool time, and a "pirate cruise." A-argh, matey! Linda


tink's mom said...

I've been following these kids for about 3 years now. They are so grown up, wow. Great pictures.

KaHolly said...

Luke is 2-1/2 all ready? Oh, my goodness! Wasn't he just born? XO

Carla said...

Linda, your boys are so darling!! Enjoy you visitors!!

Dar said...

Cute little guys for sure. They make me wish I had some grandbabies to hug on. Have a boat load of fun with them when they visit.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your grands are adorable! I love their expressions too - they look like a lot of fun!


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