Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

Due to predictions of potentially disastrous conditions in Central Florida, two days ago the Lifelong Learning College cancelled all Friday classes (all Sumter County schools cancelled as well), including my Quilting With a Quilting Foot workshop scheduled for 9-3 today.

To complicate rescheduling, is the fact that the Quilting With a Walking Foot workshop is a prerequisite workshop for Quilting With a Quilting Foot scheduled for October 21. So, instead of just rescheduling the Walking Foot workshop, I've had to reschedule the Quilting Foot workshop too! I will not be one bit surprised to learn that due to scheduling conflicts, I lose students in both classes.

If you're local and want to register, workshop dates and times are as follows:
  • Friday, October 21, 9-3 - Quilting With a Walking Foot
  • Friday, November 11, 9-3 - Quilting With a Quilting Foot

So Hurricane Matthew turned out to be no worse for Central Florida than several of the tropical storms that have stalled in our area.

With the rec centers all closed, and grocery stores bereft of food, Dan and I found ourselves with a whole day of nothing special to do. Into week three of the Beth Moore "Entrusted" study, I did my daily Bible homework, some laundry, and kept up with hurricane news, including the evacuation of Savannah, George. I can't help but think of next February's Quiltcon East which will be there.

And I'm quilting. This one will be done today.

Lately, I've been shopping at several flooring stores, looking for something to replace the original, builder's low-grade carpeting in the three bedrooms. In particular, my sewing room carpeting is looking very dirty and worn. After entertaining several flooring options that would look nice with the ceramic tile in the rest of the house, we've settled on this laminate by Mohawk. 
Entry into sewing room - See the filthy carpet?
It's Quick-Step flooring in "aged chestnut." I especially like the looks of it with our white furniture. We'll be topsy-turvy for two days in November, while this is being done - including having carpeting removed from the master bedroom closet and replaced with tile to match the bathroom - but it's gonna look so good when it's done. 

Now I'm wondering how my two rolling sewing chairs will be on the laminate. Don't I need a couple sewing room rugs? What would you do? Linda


  1. I'd wait and see! Won't it be, fresh, and easier to keep clean! Sorry Mother Nature is interfering in your plans. Just one of those things! Your quilt I'd coming along beautifully. I haven't taken time to sit at my Janome yet today. I've been making a Sew Together Bag! I saw one made up and being used and I wanted one, too! Enjoy your evening. Stay safe! XO

  2. I have hard wood flooring in my quilt room. Rolling chair does fine, and you can see pins easier.I wouldn't want carpet in that room. I put some of that shelving stuff under my foot pedal to help keep it in place, but it does move around.

  3. In my experience, rolling chairs destroy carpet, so you should be much better off. Your laminate is very attractive.

    1. I'm responding to your comment here because you're a no-reply commenter and I can't email you directly. Some of the wear on the carpeting is from my two rolling chairs, but more of the wear is from me walking from my sewing machine to the cutting table to the ironing table. Laminate will be better. Thanks for liking our choice!

  4. I have used the plastic mats from the "office".

  5. When I when we put laminate flooring down in my office I initially did not have a rug and the rolling office chair really marked up the floor, so much so I now have rug to cover how bad it looks. By all means get a rug or one of those plastic matts.

    1. Thanks, Mary, for responding to my concerns about rolling casters on laminate. I'm sorry to know yours did damage to your floor. An internet search found a business - - that sells rubber casters meant to replace plastic ones, and thus prevent damage to hardwood and laminate floors. I've measured the caster sizes of my two chairs, and am ready to place an order. But since we haven't yet had the rooms measured for flooring, and installation won't be until mid-November, I can wait a bit to get them. (Sorry to answer your comment here, but your setting of "no-reply commenter" prevent me from being able to reply by email. )

  6. We were fortunate to be on the edges of Matthew. Lost power for the day, but it was restored by evening. I had carpet replaced with hard surface flooring in my sewing room, and it was a good move! So easy to clean up. Good luck with your refurbishing.

  7. I love your choice of flooring! We were going to go with a Quick Step product but ended up going with something else because at the last minute. That was over 10 years ago and our laminate has held up very well. No scratches at all (it's a commercial grade Pergo) and we don't have any floor protectors on anything. I think you'll be happy.

    No worries about Savannah and hurricanes in February! The water is too cold then! Our beaches have been devastated by H. Matthew. Thankfully we are ok & my friends and coworkers all seem to be ok (there are a few who haven't been able to make it back to their homes yet) but the damage in our area is estimated at probably more than a billion dollars.


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