Monday, October 3, 2016

Luxe Fabric Challenge

I spend nearly all my free time in sewing room. So post-webinar found me returning to several projects that are mid-stream.

For a few weeks now, I've been trying to come up with a design using the Michael Miller Luxe fabrics for the 2017 QuiltCon Challenge. The fabric is nice, with a polished look to the surface, but I wasn't thrilled about receiving the gray colorway which is a duller gray than I like. However, it being a challenge, and with any other Luxe fabrics permitted as well as one Michael Miller Cotton Couture solid, I decided to work with what I have. Mostly.

Thanks to my dear Iowa friend, Deb, I had a gift certificate (from my birthday in March!) to Hawthorne Threads that came in handy for bolstering my Michael Miller solids stash. I picked half-yard cuts of these Cotton Couture solids as possibilities to pair with Luxe. And while I was at it, I also got a Cotton Couture color card. Now the owner of solid color cards from American Made Brand, Kaufman Kona, and Michael Miller Cotton Couture, you might guess that I'm getting into solids.

The solid Lime contrasted best with Luxe, so I began cutting, using the shapes within the Luxe print as a guide. By the time I reached this point, I was scratching my head. All the Luxe was cut up. Where this was going?

My neighbor and modern quilty friend, Becky, also received the Luxe gray colorway. When she decided that her design idea wasn't working, and offered her fabric to me, I quickly accepted. Adding on, I came up with this. Nope. That's not it yet.

I am still arranging shapes, trying to find a pleasing arrangement. I haven't found "pleasing" yet, but once I do, I'll hand-appliqué the shapes onto the quilt. At 36" X 36" this shouldn't take too long, and I'm thinking that after FMQing it I'll add some colorful hand big stitch quilting. Should be doable by the end of November deadline.

Improv it is. Certainly a departure from my usual predilection for "safe" designs.

This afternoon I'm teaching the second three hour class (of two classes) for foundation paper piecing. I have 11 students and all but one of them have already taken a class from me. It's like meeting up with friends I haven't seen for a while. I'm loving every minute of it!

And this coming Friday, October 7, I'm teaching an all day (9-3) workshop: "Quilting With a Walking Foot." If you're in Central Florida (near Ocala, Lady Lake, or Leesburg) and interested, go here for more info. Linda


  1. Your project is looking very good so far.

  2. It looks as though it has a lot of promise! You'll find your way and it wifi turn out gorgeous!

  3. Im guessing with some more time and a few musings, you will rise to the "Challenge'"!

  4. Good luck with this! I did the challenge a couple of years ago, and I thought that their marketing brilliance showed when I ended up spending about 60 bucks to finish the quilt with their "free" fabric. Not a fan of this fabric as I find it wrinkles too much, but the lightweight (batiste-like) weight is a dream to quilt. Love what Susan said!! If anyone can do it--you can!

  5. Love the colors!!!! Who knew gray could look so good!!

  6. Oh I think you're well on your way. Love the fabric pairing you chose.

  7. I like the lime with that particular gray. You will make it work, as you always do. What fun to have so many classes filling up your time and inspiring new quilters with your great ideas. Have fun in class.



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