Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Grandsons Visit

Another week has passed and another little wave of company has come and gone.

Can you tell that small children have been in our house? Our son's old Grayskull castle and Masters of the Universe character figures are still a hit, as are some old Bristle Blocks.

We did the usual activities with the grandies, though their favorite is riding the golf cart and going to the pool.

As I did with my sister, I carted them to the Sharon Rose Weichens Preserve.
DIL Lyn and Luke
Not a puff of wind, so I could capture this lovely view of the sky reflected on the water. 

Darn. No alligator sitings, but an inch worm on the move was just as entertaining.

With temps in the 90s, a walk for two doesn't always end that way. 

An impromptu stop at the fire station was a big hit. 

Austin, age 6
Luke, age 2-1/2
The firemen who show the kids the fire truck are always friendly and patient.

I learned that all the fire engines are named after a member of the Morse family that founded The Villages.

It was great having them here, but I also know they were looking forward to their next stop at Disney World.

I turned my sewing room from a bedroom back into a sewing room, I again worked on the quilt I've been designing. I don't like where it's headed, and I'm getting sick of stewing and messing with it. For a while, it will be on the back burner.

Wanting to make progress on something, I pulled out the Building Fun (by Geta Grama) quilt top that just needs borders. It's up next for quilting.

On the home front... now that the bar front has been tiled, and we have some of our new furniture (waiting on the sofa which arrived damaged), and a new rug, that big expanse of white wall is begging to be painted. I keep thinking green is needed, but the hubs doesn't like or want green. Have been thinking of orange, but there are too many options!

I went to the Behr paint website and found a place where I could upload my photo and "paint" the room with different colors. Isn't this a neat feature?! It's definitely helping me narrow my options. Blonde Wood might be a bit intense, and perhaps not orange enough.

It's just as difficult to choose a paint color as it is to pick the right fabrics for a quilt, isn't it? Linda


  1. That paint app looks great! I agree, it's not orange enough...!! It's always fun to visit the fire station, isn't it? Firemen are the best!

  2. We had family visit too but I wasn't as good as you as taking photos! Boys are so cute and it's always nice to have kids in the house...for a I did learn with our last reprint that I need to do 3x3ft sections of sample color on the wall. It looks so very different than when you look at a small swatch. I did find feature like the one you tried but couldn't get our room photos to upload. I do like idea of orange but to be honest I am not sure I wouldn't tire of it more quickly.but then again it's paint!

  3. oh that paint website looks fun! Good luck agreeing on a color! ;-/
    I really like the quilt you are putting borders on btw!

  4. I really like the quilt that you are "sick of messing with". I hope you get back to that one of these days. The one you are about to quilt is real nice too. I like the walls white. Color will be nice too. Harvest gold would be nice, in a darker shade? The paint app sounds like fun.

    1. Betty, do you see my reply to you here? It has to be here because you're a no-reply commenter. I don't have your email address to be able to respond. But I want to say thank you! It's nice that you like my "going no where" (Ha!) quilt. Really, I'm tired of looking at it, but with your encouragement, perhaps I'll get back to it. As for white walls, we've had those in this house for four years now. I prefer white because it's a good backdrop for quilts (five are hanging in the guest room!), but color would be a nice change with our new furniture and rug. Gold is another good option, so thanks for that suggestion. I recommend trying the program on the Behr website. It's really fun! And it does a nice job of helping us narrow our options. Thank you for commenting!

    2. I didn't realize I was a no-reply commenter. I will see if I can figure out how to change that. I really LOVE your "going no where" quilt. I have an app from Home Depot called Project Color and I can put a picture of a quilt block in it and change the colors. Or any picture that I choose.

    3. I'm smiling Betty because I still can't reply by email to your comment, but thank you for your comment! I'll check into that Home Depot app. Sounds like it would be very useful. Thanks for mentioning it.

  5. Bristle blocks and He-Man, those were my kind of toys growing up. There was mainly boys in my adapt. Looks like there were many fun adventures during their visit. The picture of the sky is water is AMAZING! And what a great tip in the paint website.



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