Wednesday, July 20, 2016

UFO Action

After photographing that stack of UFOs in the closet, and feeling a general lack of direction about what to work on next, I decided to itemize those UFOs to actually get a handle on them. The list wasn't quite as long as I had imagined, though 13 unfinished items is still plenty for my preference. So, I took action.

It doesn't take nearly as long to sew clothes as it does to make quilts, so several already cut-out garments were the first to be tackled. This finish is another size 2 pillowcase dress that I'll donate to Dress A Girl Around the World. The main fabric is a sale piece from Hobby Lobby - I'm always cognizant of choosing a dark print so it's less see-through - and the other three prints are from my stash. Hopefully the mermaids on the pockets will make a little girl smile.

I got out the serger to make these shorts from a Simplicity pattern. There's a back zipper; no pockets. But they fit!

And as long as the serger was set up, I put together this Monique dress by Serendipity Studio. I don't like admitting that I bought the pattern (at the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in Lakeland, Florida) and cut out the dress about three years ago. I really like the fabrics together - the main floral print is an Amy Butler fabric - though when I was choosing them, and the decorative ribbon to sew to the waistband, I remember feeling apprehensive about the combination. As I was sewing, I wondered if the size I'd cut out would still fit.  What a relief that it all came together!

Two quilt tops are awaiting quilting, so I put together a backing for a 58" X 68" quilt that I'll probably donate to Project Linus. In the past, I've used this US map with state-capitols (purchased from Wal-Mart back in my Iowa years) to back kids' quilts, imagining a child learning from it. This is the last panel US panel I have. A good stash-busting backing.

That 58" X 68" quilt top has been pieced for at least three years - made with scrappy loaves that my Iowa Stitchin' Mission friends will remember. It's now sandwiched, pin-basted, and ready for quilting. Soon. 

I've again returned to coloring this Alison Glass fabric. This will be one tier of a two-tiered skirt for me.

This BAM-BOM quilt top will be finished yet this week. It's a block-of-the-month from the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild. The atypical block layout was decided when I took Lee Heinrich's "Alternate Grid" workshop.

So, I've ticked off three of the 13 UFOs and made good progress on a few more. If that isn't self-motivated UFO action, I don't know what is. Linda


  1. Action!!! such an old fashion word.... but you have made great use of it on your UFOs!!! Love the dress.... thanks for sharing

  2. wow! More than enough to keep you busy! ;-) Darling dress btw!

  3. Wow, you are definitely on a positive roll. I love that dress! It is adorable and one of a kind. Also love the fabric you are coloring for a skirt. I think coloring with those markers is so relaxing. Good for you, Linda!

  4. Very impressive. I don't have a clue as to how many UFO's I have stashed away. In fact I don't know where all of my UFO's are stashed. Hmmmmmmmmm

  5. I am so impressed with your dedication! Keep going, you will have that closet cleaned out in no time!

  6. You are doing well - congratulations!!

  7. Woohoo! And you come roaring out of the gate!
    Love that dress and your other clothing items--you really are a star!

  8. You made a list....and checked some things off? I AM impressed Linda! Only a couple more and you will be half way through it! Your new dress looks lovely, and very cool!

  9. Thanks for the idea of using the map panel. I have one of those that needs to get used. Iowa is in the midst of a heat advisory for the next two days, so will get more sewing done. I have a lot of UFO's to finish.

  10. Your dress is so pretty and shows off your beautiful tan to perfection. I think your shorts and that pillowcase dress is darling, You have made good progress on your UFO list.

  11. Good morning, Linda! You are amazing...and motivating!



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