Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sister, Gators, and Tile

My sister, Susan, visited last week. It was so nice to have her here for the first time. A couple people commented to ask if we were sisters. Susan doesn't think we look alike.

We went everywhere in The Villages via golf cart, including the Sharon Rose Wiechens Preserve.

Gator on the move!

At Sumter Landing, this gator was right along the boardwalk. He had scared away the turtles.

Dan cooked for us so we could spend time together: toodling around on the golf cart to the pool, play boccé ball, look up some of Susan's friends who attended the same Kansas City church before moving to The Villages, and visit the Eisenhower Rec Center and two of the three squares.

Hogan's doing really well (no visible sign of the return of his soft tissue sarcoma), and has developed the habit of following around anyone who's in the kitchen. 

Why is it that I didn't take more pictures of Susan and me together? I always think of taking pictures when it's time for guests to leave! Sheesh.

The mail brought this unexpected parcel all the way from near Melbourne, Australia! Another Susan, this one my friend who goes by PatchworknPlay, sent "a little joy in your day" gift. Isn't she thoughtful?! The orange tissue holder and pen with flamingos all over it, are made for me. Yes, she knows me well, though the closest we've ever been is Skype visits. Thank you Susan!

And, before the next little wave of company passes through from Texas, we're having this done. Tiling our kitchen bar counter front has been on the to-do list since shoe scuff marks have become unremovable.

We're lovin' the choice we made as the tiles are ceramic, but they look like wood! Gives the whole room a warm and finished feeling, and we're pleased at how nice it looks with our bar stools.

Happy life! Linda


  1. Nice tiles! And you've got your alligators well trained to show up for your sister's visit. ;D

  2. Love the new tiles on your bar. They look really good with the counter as well. You are braver than I am. I probably would have scooted when I saw the gator that close. Sounds like the two of you were able to have a lovely visit.

  3. Yes, you both certainly do look alike! How nice to have your sister stay for a while.

  4. You are certainly sisters! I bet it was nice to have her visit and those gators!! So jealous that Di and you are going to Quiltcon. What a treat.

  5. Yes, I see the family resemblance! I am curious, do you sound alike? When my sister and I are out and about, people often comment that we must be sisters because our voices are so similar. In fact I remember tricking prospective boyfriends on the telephone when we were teenagers, pretending we were one another!
    Hogan obviously hasn't lost his appetite! Good for him!

  6. You and your sister definitely look alike to me! Definitely the same eyes and smile.

    So glad to hear and see that Hogan is doing so well. I hope you have many more happy days with him!

  7. I think it's obvious you are related- it's in the smile. Very glad Hogan is doing well. Gators just give me the shivers- they are so pre-historic looking. Up near Gainesville you can walk out on La Chua Trail and see them pretty close up. They are all piled up on the shores of the water, and huge.

  8. You DO look like sisters!! So glad to hear that Hogan is feeling better too. I love the look of the tiles you chose. Where does your sister live? Hope it wasn't too hot for her there in Florida. lol



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