Thursday, July 14, 2016


Some summertime indifference has crept into my sewing room, and there's no accounting for it! Should I blame it on heat from the excessive string of 95+ degree days? Or the frustration and self-recrimination for not being a quilter with designing skills?

This is the state of the project that was last on the design wall. I can't even look at a picture of these blocks without feeling inept.

And look at my UFO pile! I've always thought my UFOs aren't too out of hand, and that I always finish everything, but this looks pretty deep. A few of these are touched now and then, but maybe I'm kidding myself that I'll ever get them all done. Right now, the more UFOs I think I need to finish, the less I want to work on them.

But, I have to remind myself that I am doing things. For example, here's the quilt top that seven of us from the Central Florida MQG put together. We're making the quilt for a family whose loved one was killed at the Pulse nightclub (#QuiltsforPulse on Instagram). Each of us made six heart blocks following this tutorial. I sewed them into a 60" X 70" quilt top. Kelly will quilt it and Frances will add binding. A neighbor and I anticipate delivering this quilt to the Orlando MQG that is collecting and distributing quilts.

I've also been helping with our Central Florida MQG's 2017 QuiltCon East Charity Quilt Challenge quilt. My neighbor, Becky, is the project manager, but I've given the demos and written the blog posts with tutorials about how we're making our improv quilt.

I'm very slowly quilting my "Building Fun" quilt. My new Janome 1600P is wonderful!

I know for a fact that indifference hits every quilter now and again, so I can only hope it will soon pass. To push myself, I plan to join Debbie for her Crosscut Quilt-Along. Maybe that will kick start a renewed excitement about, and enthusiasm for quilting... or just add another UFO to the pile. (sigh) Linda


  1. I think a new project might help with your "indifference" but maybe you just have a "quilter's block" and you need to step away from your sewing room for a little while. You probably have feelings of guilt, as I do, since I feel there's so much money invested in my quilting stuff, but I still think it's good to do something completely different for a while. Best of luck my friend!!!

  2. Oh dear Linda! Don't doubt your skill and creativity! Just let those pretty aqua blocks spend some quality time together and maybe in a few weeks time they will start speaking to you again! You are sewing so don't be so hard on yourself. I'm joining in with Debbie too! That will be fun- even if we do end up with another UFO!

  3. OOO, Linda! Those blue blocks with yellow and red are gorgeous! They remind me of summertime swimming pools and brightly colored beach towels. How many blocks of that do you have made?

  4. Yeah, I know what you mean. My new project isn't turning out as I envisioned it, and I'm kind of bummed. I think I need a few days away from quilting. I have a history of suddenly getting tired of hobbies, though, and I worry that I won't go back.

    1. Thanks for your understanding! I'd reply to you by email, but you're a no-reply commenter. I can stand a few days away from quilting, but I've never completely walked away from it. It's a hobby that stuck! Sorry to hear that you feel bad about passions that change. We all have to figure out how to deal with it.

  5. oh dear. I hope I CAN get you going again! ;-) And you are not inept! I love your improv blocks!

  6. I think all of us get in that funk every now and then and yes it will pass.

  7. It happens to the best of us! Quite honestly, you accomplish so much, I'm surprised to see such a pile of UFOs! You're human after all ;)! XO

  8. My UFO pile is three drawers full - that's a winter time project. :) blessings, marlene

  9. I don't even want to know what my UFO pile looks like all stacked up! Yours is very pretty for being a pile of unfinished projects. I love all your blocks, I love all your projects, and I know you'll find your way out of this blah place at the right time. (I really really love those blocks at the top of the post!)

  10. You are being way to hard on yourself Linda. My UFO closet has way way more than yours and I know some of them may never get 100% finished but they served a purpose at the time so I'm ok with it. I always say that as long as I'm doing something I'm making forward progress and one way or another I'll get to things when the time is right.



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