Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sewing Lately

It's no secret that I love skirts, and skorts. While I live in a climate that's perfect for shorts-wearing, almost year 'round, I like the way I feel when I'm wearing a skirt... like I care about myself a little more.

So a couple months ago, when, through Instagram I found Shelley @elsiesgirl in Illinois, and visited her blog, I was completely taken with the skirts she makes. Turns out she teaches a class on them using the book The Essential A-Line by Jona Giammalva. Of course, that book is now mine too.

What I like about the skirt pattern is that it has many options for detailing. And, I love a skirt with an invisible zipper! For years, I've sewn invisible zippers with an old plastic zipper foot set meant to be used on any sewing machine. It was time for an upgrade, and this Bernina #35 invisible zipper foot for my Aurora 440 works fabulously!

Last Saturday I made this skirt. I even used a polyester lining fabric inside. It wasn't much extra effort to add it, and I appreciate that I didn't have to bother wearing a slip, which I usually do. Now I'm entirely sold on this skirt design!
A few wrinkles because when I took this photo I'd already worn the skirt to church.
I only had to make a couple adjustments in the design to make the skirt fit my shape - deeper darts in the back, and a little more tapering at the waistline.

After quilting for more than 30 hours on one quilt, it's gratifying to enjoy a finish with just a few hours investment. On to the next skirt!

Now that my "Flower Ball" is pieced together, I'm spending nearly as much time removing basting and papers as it took to baste it in the first place!

While I'm doing that, I'm still considering options for the background onto which the flower ball will be appliquéd. On one hand, I really like the effect of the charcoal print (right) as a contrast to the ball. On the other hand, I really like the ash gray (left) that's the same solid as the flower centers, because I can quilt some smashing designs there that will really show up. Or, I could go with a completely different background color! I've considered orange or turquoise. Wanna add your two-cents to my dilemma?

In a continuing effort to make the best use of my sewing room space, I had the idea to invest in a value pack of 3M Command small wire hooks to hang almost all my rulers (a few hooks have two rulers) on the wall next to my design wall. I'm glad I did this. The rulers are handy to the cutting table. "A place for everything, and everything in it's place." Right?

In amongst these projects, I've been using EQ7 to revise the quilt pattern for students enrolled in Beyond First Time Quiltmaking class that starts September 25. Unfortunately, designing that quilt is what I'm struggling with the most. It's tough trying to keep everyone happy with one design. Linda


  1. Your skirt looks great. From the picture of the flower ball, I like the light grey solid best, the darker print looks good too, but might overwhelm the flower ball.

  2. Command hooks for the rulers! Cheaper and less damaging than a peg wall - that's for sure... Very clever.

    Love the skirt!

  3. The skirt is darling. It looks great on you. I also love the Command hooks and have them in many places in my studio and around the house. As for the background for the quilt -- I really like them both. That's no help, but it's hard to decide from here.

  4. OMG, your skirt is just adorable!!

  5. The skirt looks great. I cannot opine on the circle, I'm sure you'll pick the perfect one. How is designing on EQ7 coming along?

  6. I follow Shelley's blog, as well. So glad you found her!
    I tried command hangers for my rulers but some ended up following down...probably user error! I like the way your rulers look like art!!

  7. I have a flower ball too that I am trying to figure out what to do with. I'll be watching what you do.

  8. You have the perfect figure for your skirts. I am pear shaped so its a no no with a straight skirt.......
    Gorgeous flowering hexi ball. Not sure about the background. Whichever you choose, it will look amazing!

  9. I was interested to hear your thoughts about your new Bernina Zipper foot as I also had the same experience a few weeks ago when I also bought a new foot and found it did a famous job of putting in the invisible zips. A nice choice of fabric for your skirt.

  10. Great skirts Linda. I buy fabric to make them and never get around to it! Maybe this summer I'll try harder.

  11. I found a skirt on sale a few weeks ago Linda and thought of you when I bought it. It's an A line with a little flare at the bottom - I plan to wear it to church this morning for the first time. It's been so long since I've worn skirts that I want to see if I like the feeling and am comfortable. If so I might invest some time into making some. I'm not sure how we larger ladies can make them flattering....they look so cute on you smaller women that I could be disappointed. This one is a plain brown but I'm going to dress it up a bit with a teal summer sweater. :) blessings, marlene

  12. Cute skirt, Linda! I would have liked to see the whole of you though, I miss your smiling face!!

  13. Great idea for the rulers. You look super in skirts--I like ankle length myself. And your hexie project is stunning!

  14. You look so good in skirts. As for me I stick to jeans. And I'm just now reminded I never got back to you about you revised class quilt. So sorry. I'll see if I can find the email tomorrow.



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