Monday, August 25, 2014

Around the World

Today is my day for the

The hop is only on Mondays.

Last Monday, I was tagged by Debbie at AQuiltersTable for the Around the World blog hop.

The hop is simply an opportunity to learn more about quilter-sewists around the world. Four questions were posed to me.

1. What am I working on? 
Oh dear. Where to begin?! I'm definitely not one of those let's-start-a-project-and-stick-to-it-until-it's-finished person. Never have been, and surely, never will be. So, I walked around my sewing room to take pictures of my current WIPs.

Since starting free motion domestic machine quilting in 1998, quilting has become my thing. Using my largest Fine Line ruler, I've recently begun quilting curved cross-hatches with Marathon iridescent thread - 40-weight on the top, and 60-weight in the bobbin - on this mostly Kaffe Fassett fabric/appliquéd quilt. It's coming along v-e-r-y slowly.

I've cut out my third quilt using the Quick Curve Ruler quilt. I'm making SewKindofWonderful's "Urban Abacus" pattern. This is one of the designs my Beyond First Time Quiltmaking: Curves students can choose from for next March's (yes, 2015!) three-week class.

This dress pattern has been waiting for nearly two years and this past week I finally cut it out. It's my "Amy-Heather-Vanessa" dress because the prints were designed by Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, and Vanessa Christenson. 

Recently I filled out the range of colors and values in my solids stash. Using the bias tape maker, I'm expecting this to turn into my next challenge quilt.

Reading some favorite blogs, I found CrazyMomQuilts tutorial for using up really narrow strips, like 3/4" to 1" wide, to crochet a rug. Lately, whenever I've been cutting fabrics, I turn all the leftover scraps into 2-1/2" squares, 1-1/2" squares, and 1" strips. I'm sewing the strips together, and that ball of "yarn" will be crocheted.

I have that cute, aqua Ikea cart that quilters are going crazy over. I love mine, using it for current projects, rolling it around the room where it's needed. The contents change pretty often.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
I don't think my work is much different than those of other modern quilters. Since turning my back on traditional quilts, including batiks and reproduction fabrics, a little more than three years ago, I have loved every moment of putting color, prints, and design elements of modern into my quilts.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
I do what I do because I'm compelled! There's something in my character that doesn't allow for idleness. I blame credit my maternal grandmother, Goldie, for being the perfect example of industriousness - the epitome of a good German Lutheran farmer's wife. You'd never see her doing nothing. Even after a long day of feeding chickens, milking cows, cleaning eggs, weeding the garden, canning, cooking, washing and hanging out laundry, et cetera, evenings would find her at her treadle sewing machine likely sewing an apron, or sitting down to braid a rug from feed sacks. I miss my Grandma.
Goldie, on at her 50th wedding anniversary
4. How does my writing/creating process work?
Have you heard that expression, "Squirrel!" from the movie "Up"? I work like that. I'm easily distracted by the latest "squirrel" that scurries across my path. But when I focus, I focus... to the point of excluding everything around me. Laundry? Housework? Cooking? Nah. Once I know the path I'm following to complete a project, I'm all over it.

And revealing all, here's how my sewing room looks when I'm in the middle of several things. Yes, two machines and a serger are in use, almost simultaneously.

On the design wall is another teaching-related quilt and my EPPed Flower Ball quilt. I'm 95 percent sure that Kona Capri solid is what will be the background for the ball. Or is it too dark?

The fabric laying on my ironing table, at the right, became a skirt by Sunday. In the picture below, I'm wearing it - another contrast pleated one from the "Essential A-Line" book. I love this style.

One of my Iowa blog-readers commented that she "missed my smiling face." That's the reason for sharing a picture of the whole of me. I miss my Iowa buds too!

Now I'm happy to tag three more bloggers who I follow and feel I have come to know, even though I haven't met any of them in person.

Leanne blogs at DaisyandJack and lives in Tumbarumba, New South Wales, Australia 
She makes the prettiest modern blocks and quilts - she's in lots of swaps and quilt-alongs - and always has something beautiful to share. And don't you just love saying the name of her city?!

Vreni blogs at Oops-lah and lives in Singapore
She's very talented at quilting, and has a great tutorial for making a neat fabric-covered box.

René blogs at ReneCreates and lives in Orlando, Florida
This girl is on the go. A lot! When she's home, she's always sewing something beautiful for charity or to give to a family member or friend.

Isn't it great how far-flung our quilting friendships are? I still marvel over how technology has changed our lives.... that I can swap Instagram messages with a friend in Australia while in Florida, riding in the golf cart to church! Really amazing, when you think about it.

Be sure to check out Leanne, Vreni, and Renés blogs next Monday, September 1 to see how they answered the Around the World Blog Hop questions. Linda


Karen said...

Great post. Your studio looks so fabulous. So different from the pictures when you first showed the house with that empty white room. And the SKOW blocks look beautiful.

Nancy said...

Fun, colorful post. Look forward to seeing your crochet rug, sort of just like your Grandmother's (only modern fabrics!).

Podunk Pretties said...

Nothing better than a messy sewing studio,tons of progress!

Lynette said...

I really want to make an Urban Abacus, too! It's going to happen one of these times. I just love your description of your work style. "Squirrel!" with times of intense concentration describes me to a T. I've had to learn how to rein in the sidetracks, but I'd never trade in the ability/desire to have several projects circling the work centers at a time. I would DIE of boredom!!

Susan Snooks said...

I'm exhausted just reading and imagining what a whirlwind you must be like in real life! Amazing!

Live a Colorful Life said...

What a fun series! I love seeing your sewing room. I always seem to be tweaking mine so it's fun to see how other people set up multiple machines.Your projects are always amazing!

Di said...

It's so wonderful to see your colourful, creative world, Linda. We are so alike - (too) many projects on the go simultaneously, loving bright, happy colours, and always wanting to try something new! If only I could quilt like you do :-)

Carla said...

Lovely post. It's always fun to see sewing spaces. I hope to be able to do lovely quilting on my domestic some day

Rene' said...

Fun post Linda! You have some beautiful WIPs going on. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the bias tape challenge. Those solids are a gorgeous range of colors. I also have an aqua Ikea rolling cart. I love mine so much that I bought a couple more...just need to assemble them.

OPQuilt said...

Fun to read about all your projects and best of all-- to see your smiling face! I did this too, a week or so ago, but did it a bit differently. Didn't hear about that "only on Monday" thing. I do think, like a good game of telephone, that everything morphs slightly as it goes around. I loved reading your post!


KaHolly said...

Super post, Linda! Great fun to read.

Jenny said...

Hi Linda
So nice to see your studio and what you are currently working on.

I made the knitted version of Amanda Jean's rug, using selvedges plus other strips I had lying around. It looks great and is just the right size to sit in front of my laundry rub.

HeathersSewingRoom said...

Loved reading your blog post and seeing your work. I look forward to seeing that great Ball quilt that is on the wall. Amazing how small the world has become with technology!

Oops-Lah said...

I'm so glad I've found you in the blogging world Linda. If I'm not mistaken, it was when I came across either your show stopper and winning snow flake quilt or the tree wall hanging. Since then I've again and again been amazed by your creativity but also your positive outlook on life (through ups and downs). And I agree with all the others who said "super post"! And who knows, maybe one day we'll meet in person. Wouldn't that be fun?

Carrie P. said...

fun post. I have been wanting to crochet a rug too. Great idea to cut stripes as you have leftover fabrics.

Unknown said...

enjoyed learning more about your passion for quilting and seeing the pics too.

Carla said...

Great post, Linda! I always loved that Amy Butler floral...what a pretty dress you will have. My little kindergardener, Lula, wants to wear a dress every day to school (not just a skirt!) so I've got to keep making her dresses!!

Doris said...

Happy to see your smiling face and LOVE your short hair!

Michele said...

I had a Grandma Goldie as well - and a Memaw Opal - who taught me to sew, among many other things.


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