Thursday, August 21, 2014

Flirty Skirt-ies

I've been on a skirt kick for the past few weeks, and I seem to have turned it into a challenge for myself - a new skirt for church every Sunday.

You saw the first one a few weeks ago. It was the prototype for an a-line skirt made to fit me. I followed instructions in The Essential A-Line book, to make the first one. I've got the fit and length nailed now. 

Week 2 saw me wear this one, which I love! This is a 40 percent-off Art Gallery fabric purchase from the local quilt shop - a bargain skirt!

I'm not usually a pink girl, but the boldness of the print, and those adorable pleats with the contrasting fabric just make me smile.

Week 3 saw me wearing this simple skirt. The fabric is organic, from JoAnn's. I modified the basic design by laying the skirt front and back pieces on the diagonal of the stripe, instead of on a fold. That made for center front and center back seams.

With every skirt, I'm perfecting assembly. I've mastered using the Bernina invisible zipper foot, and it's easy peasy to make a simple polyester lining that I edge with a serger. Why finish the hem when no one's going to see it? I really like the extra security I feel having that lining, and it's much less hot than wearing a full slip.

For Week 4 I'm aiming to make this emerald-color skirt.

If you're on Instagram, take a peek Sunday morning. Linda

P.S. With permission, I'm sharing a picture of the damage done when "someone" in our household forgot he put a can of Coke Zero in the fridge. I was at home in my sewing room when I heard a loud bang that I thought came from the kitchen. Imagine my surprise when I saw this!

The explosion literally blew the top off the pop can. Of course. Who wasn't home when it happened?

We have a perfectly clean freezer now... and floor in front of it. And someone owes me. Big time.


  1. Yes, he sure does owe you BIG time! Your skirts are adorable! Looking forward to the next instalment!

  2. The skirts are so cute and so you. I also hate wearing slips (and pantyhose!), so a lightweight lining is perfect, especially in Florida weather. Too bad about the mess. It's usually beer that explodes in our freezer. Very rare, but a mess when it happens.

  3. Adorable skirts....and what a fun challenge. I'm glad that your freezer wasn't damaged by the Coke missile!

  4. The one you're wearing is my new favourite ; )

  5. Love your skirts, & what a great way to use up fabric. I bet you jumped when the Coke exploded!

  6. You are so adorable in your little skirts. Just the right size to pull them off. I haven't made clothes in such a long time. When I first moved up here to the arctic, I purchased several lengths of warm fabric to make lots of skirts, but only made two. It's so much easier to layer under skirts. I wear mine much longer than you! I'm just an old hippie!!

  7. Adorable skirts - and love the bright fabrics. I've done the can in the freezer thing and it's no fun when you forget it. But a clean freezer, now that's something to smile over. :) blessings, marlene

  8. Now that you've perfected the fit and assembly, you can really have fun with the fabrics in placement of stripes, etc. Those inverted pleats are very cute! Ummmm... the Coke incident is worth some favors for sure.

  9. Love those skirts! I love that you lined one so as to avoid slip-wearing, and I agree that a serged edge is the way to go.

    I have a stack of several fabrics that need to be turned into skirts. You do inspire me!

    PS You're right about the Coke Zero perpetrator--they DO owe you!

  10. I've enjoyed seeing you share your skirts and am looking forward to seeing the new one. So far, the pleated one is my fav. Love the contrasting fabric inside the pleats!

  11. All your skirts are so cute. Don't know how you stay motivated to make so many.

  12. Your skirts are so cute and you look adorable in them. Not sure many could pull that off. What a fun way to use your bright summer fabrics and maybe you will start a trend to wearing skirts again. The soda in the fridge is one nightmare that will not ever happen at our house. Your DH does owe you big time.! So nice to have a clean freezer though.

  13. Love your skirts. Don't have the knees or hips to pull off cute little short skirts. But yours are sure cute.

  14. Oh my gosh!! Devon did this with a Coke in our freezer 3 or 4 years ago. I seriously thought a bomb went off in the house!

    You always make the most adorable skirts. :) Perfect for Florida.


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