Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Two Finishes

Life has been in full swing around here as I find myself more and more involved in quilting activities. Besides teaching two, five-week First Time Quiltmaking classes in July and September, I'll also be teaching two, one-time, six-hour free motion quilting workshops in September and October. All four of these classes are through the Lifelong Learning College. Classes are open to anyone - you don't have to be a Villages resident.

As well, I am in the midst of writing and getting photo permissions for a magazine article about modern quilts inspired by artwork. It's expected to be in the November issue of American Quilter magazine.

In between times, there's still twice-weekly line dancing, stitchery group, Bible study, occasional visits to the pool, and activities related to two quilting guilds - including the Central Florida MQG of which I am now acting president. CFMQG has just announced a different meeting location, a meeting date move to the second Monday night of the month, and we're in the midst of finalizing and voting on bylaws. Whew.

This wonderful stuff means time away from sewing room progress, so I squeeze in what I can.

After seeing this Spicy Spiral table runner in blog post on SewWeQuilt, I found a YouTube video showing how to make it, and figured it out for myself. It's not identical to the pattern, but close enough, and I definitely like how it looks on our table.

We're accenting our great room - entryway, living area, chat corner, kitchen and eating area - with spicy orange, and I like that color pop. In the runner you'll see some Carolyn Friedlander "Architextures," Denyse Schmidt prints, and Laura Gunn "Painter's Canvas."

Again, I used that great 505 basting spray, and then quilted simple, straight lines near all the long seams.

A couple weeks ago I finished this hand embroidery following an Australian magazine pattern using linen fabric and six strands of Cosmo embroidery thread for backstitching. 
Matryoshka doll pillow, 11" X 13"
I used Derwent Coloursoft pencils to color-in the embroidery, giving the dolls some depth.

I don't have any June BOM blocks to sew (I'm the Queen Bee this month in my Mid-Century Modern Bee) so I decided to surprise Susan by sending her a 12" block I made according to her recent blog post about another bee she's in. I'm not in her bee, so I hope she doesn't mind! The block is so pretty, and I just couldn't resist sending her a little bit of Florida.

Healthwise, I'm doing great. The keep-cancer-away drug I'm on (Arimidex) hasn't cause any noticeable side effects, and I've been able to maintain my weight - and even lost a couple pounds - after the doc told me that Arimidex would likely cause a six to eight pound weight gain by July. I'm closely monitoring what I eat, since this is the only thing about breast cancer I can control.

To focus more on the nutritional value of what I eat, I've become "a juicer." The juicing machine was a big investment, but a Bed, Bath and Beyond 20 percent off coupon helped a lot - like $76 off! I chose this Omega 350 after much online reading and watching a Youtube demonstration.

The first time I used it, I managed to clog it, but "reverse" worked to easily back out of it. That taught me to be more careful about the size of the celery and carrot pieces I put in. One of the first drinks I prepared was this Dr. Oz Green Smoothie. With a few shakes of salt (I have low blood pressure, so salt is okay) it was yum! And it was really this green! Pretty, isn't it? Other drinks, made with kale, don't look as good. I'm still trying to figure out how to put the pulp to good use. I've tasted "crackers" made with pulp, and they're quite good, but don't want to buy a dehydrator.

Thankfully, there's no uncertainty about anything quilt-related! I'm gung-ho on a new quilt by one of my favorite designers, Emma of Ballarat Patchwork in Australia. Emma is so talented! She designed "Snowflake Medallion," the quilt for which I won a Bernina sewing machine last year. I'm hoping this new pattern will have the same magical effect on my quiltmaking! I'm really happy with the colorful fabrics I pulled for it. More pictures as I progress.


  1. Oh what a lovely surprise to read my name and then see that beautiful Rocky Mountain puzzle block!!! Thank you Linda- the flamingo is perfect! You are a very special lady and I am honored to call you 'friend'!!

  2. Wow, you have been busy! That is so awesome you are going to be publishing an article in a magazine. Way to go! BTW, I love those Denyse Schmidt orange polka dots. That is one of my favorite fabrics. Looking forward to seeing your new quilt in progress.

  3. I just typed this nice long comment, and something or other went wrong. In a nutshell, great block! Don't know how you keep up with it all!

  4. NIce update on the life and good times of you. Great quilty projects and love the looks of the juicer. Glad your health is so positive. Will talk to you soon.

  5. I have the pattern and the ruler for the spiral table topper but haven't started it yet. Yours is so pretty, in such happy colors. You are a very busy lady and I like to read your posts and hear the sparkle in your words.

  6. Gorgeous finishes again! And all these wonderful plans with articles in magazines, quilt courses and new quilts in the pipe line. Of course I had to go and investigate all of Emma's patterns and I'm wondering which one you are tackling next! Your snow flake quilt is still one of my all time favorites !

  7. Beautiful table runner!! (I'm not just saying that because I'm infatuated with orange…) It reminds me of everything I like about paisley but simplified and modern. Gorgeous!

  8. Love your table runner, looks very nice on your table. Can't wait to see what you're going to make with those fabrics, it's sure to be lovely though.

  9. You said "in between times".. there can't be much of that with all you do! And it's all fun stuff. Love the spicy swirl. Juicing is such a good, healthy option for you. The pulp? Get some chickens.. ha, ha! With all of your teaching and writing, you certainly bring the joy of quilting to many. Hope your classes are full and your summer wonderful.

  10. I just ordered the 9 degree ruler last week to make that same spicy spiral table runner! And watched that same video! Great minds must think alike--or something like that. Linda you're amazing in all that you do.

  11. I'm super excited about your 'Artwork inspired Quilts' article! In addition to the vintage Olympic poster project I started, I just started a Matisse quilt (under wraps until its gifted). Can't wait to see/read what you come up with! :)



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