Monday, June 3, 2013

Lately Sewing

Our Central Florida MQG meeting was Monday night, and I attended, ready with some Show and Tells... for a change! 

After seeing the Pinafore Bag by Me and My Sister, that Jill and Sandy made (shown at our Central Florida MQG meeting last month), I bought the pattern - an easy online PDF download. For the body of the bag, I picked this retro print by Michael Miller, called Atomic.

The instructions have you sew one interior pocket, but I made two. Can't have enough pockets in any bag, I say!

I also made this modern apron to meet our MQG chapter's "Apron Runway Challenge." I used an inexpensive Butterick "See and Sew" pattern purchased at JoAnn Fabrics, and added the ruffles myself.

Practically speaking, I will likely never wear this apron, except perhaps for keeping up appearances. I mean, with a cook in the house, this is probably as much time as that apron or me, will ever spend in the kitchen!

Don't Amy and Denyse play nicely together? I'm happy about having stepped outside my color comfort zone to put together these not-coordinating colors!

The yellow print is Amy Butler's "Lark." The three ruffles are Denyse Schmidt fabrics.

I'm also keeping up with the Bay Area Modern BOM, having made this unusual Flying Geese block. I saved on fabric by sewing the geese using the No-Waste Method that I explain in this tutorial.

Visit our Central Florida MQG blog where we have pictures from last night's meeting. We had a blast!



  1. You've been busy! I have that Atomic print. Now I know what I should make with it. Great bag! And your apron is very cute ( I'm using that yellow in my Museum Medallion!). Even if you don't cook you have to at least look like you do! Lol!

  2. Your bag turned out great, love that atomic fabric. The apron is adorable and I really like your flying geese block. I think it would make a good quilt!

  3. Great projects, Linda! I love that bag - such a great fabric choice for it, too. Maybe you can get the "cook" to wear your apron? :-)

  4. How about the cook in your house wears that fantastic apron? LOL!!!
    It's so cute it really is a shame not to be used. I just went over to look at the pix from your MQG meeting. Wow, you have some very talented people.

  5. Great projects! And thanks for the tutorial on Flying Geese. The fabrics in your block are very appealing.

  6. That is the nicest bag! :D

  7. Well done on all counts. :) Being a bag lady, though, I really love that bag. Perfect print for it, too.

  8. Oh Linda, I just LOVE aprons and wear then every day while cooking. But I don't have any really pretty ones like your new one. I'll have to have a look for that pattern, I think.

  9. What wonderful projects! When do you sleep, girlfriend??!! I admire you so.



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