Thursday, June 27, 2013

About Juicing

Since sharing on Instagram pictures of my juice drinks, made with my new juicer, I've gotten a couple questions about it. Like, "How is it better than mixing in a blender?" and "What does it taste like? Good?" So, I thought I'd address one of the questions with pictures.

If you're like I was about three weeks ago, not knowing a thing about juicing, or even what a juicer looks like, you might find this interesting.

This is what our kitchen counter looks like every morning now. I use a wide variety of vegetables in my morning juices. In this one are: carrots, Granny Smith apples, cucumbers, lemon (leave on the pith; it's good for you), celery, kale, ginger root, and turmeric (purported to prevent cancers).

None of the veggies need to be peeled (except lemon), and not much cutting-up is needed. However, the Omega Vert 350 stops if carrots are too large. The reverse button takes care of the problem, but I'm now careful about cutting carrots in smaller bits than other veggies.

I usually start feeding vegetables into the juicer beginning with leafy stuff, like kale. Then, I alternate the rest of the vegetables. Juice comes out on the right; pulp comes out on the left.

This particular batch was heavy on the carrots, so the juice color isn't quite as pretty as the all-green juice (the Dr. Oz Green Smoothie).


Juice. The foam on top is typical. Just stir it back into the juice.

This is a larger-than-usual batch for me. I generally aim for 16 ounces. But honestly, I have no problem drinking 20 ounces. Truly. It tastes very good. Kinda like V8 without the tomato.

Notable benefits of juicing have been:  feeling really good while maintaining a recently-achieved lower weight (less than on our wedding day 40 years ago) ; and the unexpected benefit of longer, stronger fingernails - a first for me.

It was suggested that I try a great-tasting combination of watermelon, cucumber, and lime. How apropos. We live in watermelon country. The land our house is on was once a watermelon farm! Linda


  1. The best glass of juice I ever had was a foam-on-top glass of fresh, beautiful apple juice… I'll never forget the incredible smell or clean taste. Amazing!

    And now I have to see about moving my fabric budget around to make room for a juicer… lol. You temptress!

  2. I've just recently come into the possession of a juicer (from a friend who moved back to the US and couldn't take it along as we have different voltage here). So far, my son is the only one making juices and he usually only uses fruit and no veggie. I must give them a try though as your juice looks really yummy and not at all "too healthy", if you know what I mean ;)!!!

  3. I recently watched a program about fresh juice. Looks interesting. I mailed your block today ; )

  4. I'd better keep MrPnP away from this- he's always wanted a juicer! Your concoctions look delicious! You can make me one with watermelon- I love watermelon!

  5. Linda, I really wonder how these veggi juices are tasting. May I try one when I am in Florida? :-)

  6. I don't have a juicer, but I make a smoothie most mornings in my blender. totally whole foods and healthy. and I agree, it makes me feel great when I do. Does Dan drink it? I have yet to get Frank to try one.

  7. You're right about the tumeric! My hubby was just talking to a PhD nutritionist on a plane this week who works with cancer patients, and she specifically recommended Curcumin (found in the root & stalk of tumeric) and green tea for their ability to help prevent cancer. Scientists have actually seen tumors disappear in lab rats just from ingesting Curcumin. So good choice!

  8. Fascinating! I've never known anyone with a juicer. I'm so impressed.Since I only eat a boiled egg for breakfast, this would be wonderful for lunch!

  9. Thanks for the tips. I just pinned your post for future reference.



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