Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How Fun!

The novelty of giving a program about modern quilting hasn't yet worn off. It was so enjoyable!

Lora and I had a great time Tuesday afternoon, sharing modern with 50 women who attended a meeting of Bradenton Quilters.

Lora began by relating the history - all five to six years of it - of modern quilting, from the emergence of Denyse Schmidt's designs and Gee's Bend quilts, to changes in fabric colors and patterns, to the affordability of digital cameras that helped promote the online growth of modern quilting. Excellent information.

My portion of the program is about the visual and technical elements that make a quilt modern. As I did online research for this segment of the presentation, I was definitely the student who has now become the teacher.

Though in the photo below, I look quite stunned by all of it, don't I?

On the screen behind me is a great example of improvisational, or wonky, piecing by my dear friend Carla. It's her Anniversary Crosses quilt. You can find Carla's liberated cross block tutorial here.

We wrapped-up our hour-long program taking turns showing 18 modern quilts. The quilt in the center aisle is Lora's entry in a Fons & Porter challenge to design a "weekend quilt." Her entry came in second place.

After the presentation, we entertained questions, and listen to many expressions of interest in modern quilting. I can foresee our Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild chapter's growth, and couldn't be more tickled about that!

Since this presentation, Lora and I have received two more inquiries about giving our program to other quilt guilds. Taking that as affirmation that we have good information, and some fun quilting to share, we're feelin' pretty happy about it. Personally, I'm doin' the happy (line) dance! Linda


  1. Fun indeed! It's great to get the opportunity to share your passion, and I'm sure your enthusiasm has been (and will be) infectious as you give your presentations. Wish I could join in too :-)

  2. I predict that you will be national successes, traveling all over with "your show"! I feel so honored that you used my cross quilt as an example!

  3. Your program sounds so interesting- well researched and highly organized to give an informative but entertaining presentation. Is it any wonder you have future bookings. This is just the start of something wonderful for you! I love the photos of the audience sitting on the edge of their seats and taking notes!

  4. Sounds wonderful Linda, sharing knowledge, meeting people and growing a new quild chapter.
    Is there a new career here somewhere?
    As enjoyable as it is, take care of yourself and don't overdo it.

  5. Awesome! The presentation sounds like something I'd love to hear and I'd love to see the beautiful quilts that accompanied it!

  6. A great presentation I'm sure. You do look stunned! What a moment for the photographer to snap. I'm now going to look at Carla's tute. I follow her blog but haven't looked up her tute before.

  7. I'm certain you gave a wonderful talk to those ladies. The photos certainly show them listening with great interest. You'll outgrow your Modern Guild meeting rooms soon.

  8. Hey, that's cool. :) Yeah, I belong to two guilds here now; one modern and one traditional, and BOY are they exclusive of each other. LOL

  9. I have goosebumps!! I wish I could have been in the audience!

  10. Congrats Linda, I'm sure your presentation was wonderful! You are a great speaker and teacher!! And so happy for your new modern guild's seem to have that effect on guilds! :)


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