Monday, February 11, 2013

"Snowbird" Snowmen

The snowmen I hand-embroidered into 22 blocks were determined to "go south for the winter" before becoming a bona fide quilt. Well, they got their way... three years and four months after being started, they saw their winter finish in sunny Florida! Yep, it was September 2009 when I first spied this Crabapple Hill pattern and thought I'd make a winter quilt for our home in Iowa. Ha! Little did I know.

In keeping with the winter theme of the embroideries, it's quilted with lots of snowflakes...

... or icycles. Whatever was appropriate for each block.

In each block, I began by echo-quilting around and inside the main shapes, adding snow mounds at the bottom where appropriate.

I'll have to say that I quilted a heck of a lot of snowflakes! I tried to occasionally change-up the style of each one.

48" X 71-1/2"
I treated the red and aqua borders as one, channel quilting "piano keys" three inches apart. Each channel has one large snowflake quilted into it. They're difficult to see on the busy aqua print, but I knew they were needed to hold the quilt together.

Each of the four corners has a stylized "S" swirl that seemed appropriate for the many snowmen in the quilt.

I carefully custom-quilted (on my Bernina Aurora 440, without the BSR) this because many hand-embroidered quilts are seen with an all-over meander or stipple design. That kind of quilting not only disregards the beautiful handwork, but it does nothing to enhance each segment of embroidery.
Thanks to friend Cindy for letting me "borrow" the palm tree in her front yard... the lucky duck!
I'm tickled to call this, 2013 finish #3! Linda

Hand-embroidered: DMC embroidery floss
Decorative machine herringbone stitch between blocks: two strands, Aurifil #50, turquoise
Red border fabric: Denyse Schmidt, Picnic Gingham Stripe
Aqua snowflake border fabric: Riley Blake, Santa's Workshop
Batting: Hobb 80/20
Piecing and quilting thread: Aurifil #50, white


  1. I really MUST get this pattern out and start stitching...I think I have said that every time you have mentioned your quilt...must.get.stitching! (love your quilting btw)

  2. Absolutely love this one. I'm sure you'll enjoy having a winter quilt, even if you are now living in the tropics; or is it sub tropical where you are? Your hand stitching is beautiful, something I haven't mastered yet. Do you use an embroidery hoop? And of course you FM quilting is as fantastic as ever. And I quite agree that a all over pattern would spoil all the wonderful hand stitching.

  3. I'm sure you'll still have some cool evenings to snuggle under this sweet quilt!!

  4. I love, love, love the blue borders on the quilt. It really sets off the stitching and it's such a happy quilt. Marvelous job!

  5. Oh!!! They're so awesome! Love that backing fabric, and especially the individual attention you gave them for the quilting. You should link this up at my BOMs Away and show it off being all finished! Florida needs as many snowmen as it can get, so don't you be one bit chagrined at it not being finished back in Iowa. :D

  6. Your thoughtful consideration to the quilting only adds to its charm. This is one beautiful quilt!

  7. Fabulous quilting as always, Linda.

  8. The stitcheries are adorable and whole quilt is fabulous! I love the colours of the borders and your stitching/ quilting is perfect! Love it!

  9. The quilt looks fabulous. Well done Linda.No i wonder where i've stashed my pattern. Hugs,xx.

  10. Oh, Linda! What an achievement! I am very impressed with our talent both as embroiderer as well as a quilter! You picture of the quilt in front of the palm tree makes me laugh though!! You poor thing. LOL!

  11. Such gorgeous stitching! What a treasure ; )

  12. Well, once again your lovely stitching is enhanced by perfect quilting.
    Such a joyous looking quilt, perfect to sit under.

  13. Your quilt is gorgeous! I love that you custom quilted it with snowflakes!

  14. That's beautiful, Linda. I love your quilting, too. So appropriate. A nice reminder of all those cold Christmases. :)

  15. The material you choose is perfect for your stitching. congratulations on finishing. XX Kathleen

  16. Very nice work, Linda - as always.

  17. Its so pretty - and even with the snow it looks like it belongs in Florida.

  18. Love this quilt too! I hope this finds you well and beating that cancer. Kind regards, Jane



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