Monday, February 25, 2013

Slow-go UFOs

No new UFO finishes, but progress is a good thing.

Though I've stopped doing hand appliqué because it's such a slow process (for me), I've vowed to finish the hand appliqué UFOs I've started. This 20" x 20" Hawaiian appliquéd palm fronds piece was begun in 2008. Finished as either a wall hanging or pillow, it will find a place in our Florida palm tree-themed home.
20" X 20"
However, it will remain a UFO for a while because I've run out of the exactly-the-right color (894) Mettler #60 thread, and can't buy it locally. (sigh) I'm so weary of having to mail-order everything.

My UFO Bonnie Hunter "Roll, Roll Cotton Boll" (RRCB) mystery quilt was offered in December 2010-January 2011. I haven't touched mine since then, though I had even pieced the last border's parallelograms before putting it away! Happily, it didn't take long to complete the top that measures a whopping 86" x 101".

The weekend was spent rearranging my sewing room so I could pin-baste.

Besides RRCB, I basted this 55" X 70" UFO (no name yet) from 2011 when I was in the One Block Over bee. Would you believe... all my safety pins are now in quilts!

Because I had an I'm-tired-of-moving-around-this-pattern-and-fabric moment, I sewed this skirt one afternoon last week. The pattern was a bargain purchase (like $1) from Fabric Recycles, a Kansas City business that operates on the concept of buying, and then reselling, perfectly good sewing and quilting fabrics, notions and supplies. The store was the recipient of 70 quilting and craft books I divested myself of before moving last year.

My skirt was made from one yard of home dec fabric. Like it!

Now back to those UFOs and re-rearranging my sewing room for some time-consuming FMQing. Linda


  1. I cannot remember that you told us about the big quilt you pin basted now. Love your skirt and I would be happy to have such thin legs! ;-)

  2. Cute skirt!! That Fabric Recycles place sounds great - what a good idea…

    Good luck on your UFOs. They take a while but they ome with such a satisfying sigh of completion when they're done. :-)

  3. Your palm looks wonderful! I use silk thread, have you tried it (YLI)? Your bee quilt is also very cool. You are a busy girl!

  4. I understand about slow applique projects. I love hand work, but bindings get it done faster. Your BBCB quilt looks great. I'm working on Bonnie's Easy Street mystery and have 1 more bock to piece. I like your skirt. It's too cold her in St.L to wear skirts yet. Good luck on your UFOs. Mine are out of control.

  5. What wonderful progress your are making on the UFO's, Linda. And the skirt is so cute. I recently purchased a skirt pattern when they were on sale for a dollar also.....that's as far as I've gotten though. As Dar before me indicated...still too cold for skirts here!

  6. It seems every time I read your blog you have another couple of wonderful quilts you've "excavated" from your UFO pile to show us. You are truly amazing. And I love your skirt and agree with Edith wholeheartedly about your shapely legs!

  7. Goodness, nothing slowing you down is there? LOL. can't wait to see how you FMQ those quilts, love your work. I think you need to come visit me and we can sew together, I might get something done then!
    Lovely summery skirt, wish I had nice legs!

  8. That is a nice skirt and it hangs beautifully. Good for you basting the quilts up. I hope you get the thread soon to finish the lovely applique.

  9. It must be a great feeling getting through those UFOs. I love the way your RRCB has turned out! Bonnie's quilts are wonderful - if you have the patience for all that cutting - and yours is well worth all the work you did. One day .....

  10. You are jammin'! Fun skirt for sure. Love your palm applique - I just sent away my Hawaiian mini quilt to its person. Miss that thing already. RRCB is the first quilt-along that I watched Bonnie do. I was so jealous of everyone who got to participate. :)

  11. Oh what great ongoing projects you are showing, and a good excuse to use those basting pins! I hope you get them finished in record time. You keep us inspired ~



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