Saturday, February 16, 2013

Scatterday - T

This Scatterday post is brought to you by the letter
Tasty - Tuna Tetrazzini
When it comes to cooking, I always let my friends know that it's my dear hubby who does the grocery shopping and food prep at our house. I eat like a queen because he's a fabulous cook! He can make even the most mundane dish taste special, usually because he knows which spices (Penzey's brand is his favorite) will enhance the dish. This tuna tetrazzini was delicious!
The bowl my tetrazzini was served in is one of the few kept pieces I inherited from my grandmother. During our pre-move downsizing last year, I constantly reminded myself that I can't take it with me, nor did I want my children stuck figuring out what to do with my stuff. When it came to Grandma's dishes, I saved only two decorative bowls, both of which I use regularly, and her instant coffee jar. The rest of the dishes, including a lovely cake plate, swan milk glass, Miss America compote and such... well, I took photographs of each piece, and either sold it on Ebay or donated it. Tough to do, but I have no regrets. It's really nice to live simply, with fewer things, and I think of Grandma every time I use the pieces I kept.

Tiny - Twinkle
This is pretty lame, but I was desperate to find something to photograph for "tiny." I hoped to come across one of the little toads that come out at night in this area, but couldn't find a one to be cooperative in the evening chill. So, a twinkling in the night sky is the best I could do.

Terrifying - Thriller Ride
On Valentine's Day, while our granddaughter has been visiting, we went to Universal Studios, Orlando, to the Islands of Adventure theme park. That's where we found the cool "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" attractions (And don't I have some great pictures of other alphabet letters I could share!). While at the park, it was the perfect occasion to find terrified people who took a thrilling ride on one of many roller coasters. Here are some brave people (including my own family members... except me!) who rode "The Incredible Hulk Coaster."

Threads - Turquoise
You might call some of these threads turquoise or aqua, but they're pretty when they're all together, aren't they? They range from: two jumbo cones of YLI thread - some of what I won last year; my all-time favorite Aurifil thread, with a backup spool at the ready on the left; and up front there's Mettler; Metrosene; Molynecke (what's with all the "M" brands of threads?); some good 'old Coats and Clark Dual Duty; and a spool of Gutermann hand quilting thread. Guess I've got all thread contingencies covered, huh?!

This was another tough letter/topic challenge. When are they going to get easier, Cinzia? Linda


  1. I always enjoy your interpretations of the Scatterday prompts, Linda, and this week you have some very pretty photographs too. How hard it must have been to divest yourself of all your grandmother's bowls but two, but I can understand your sense of freedom in living simpler. Well done, Dan, with that yummy looking tuna dish! Finally, I love the thread photo. Turquoise in abundance - no surprises here!

  2. Glad to hear Celina arrived safely and you are enjoying your time together. Always love to see what blogs and website you are viewing for I can't find the time to view them all...someday. Miss you and you are spoiled by Dan, say hello to him. Take care!

  3. Lovely story about your Gran's china, sad to give up when you moved, but nice that you have a couple of special pieces.

  4. I love Aurifil as well, Linda. Turquoise is my new favourite colour - can I borrow some of your thread? LOL I found this one difficult, too....

  5. I would be terrified on that ride, I don't think I'd ever get on it. Love your tiny twinkle.

  6. Nice T collection!
    Definitely a cute tiny twinkle.
    I thought of a roller-coaster too, but couldn't find the pictures I took of my son upside-down on one. They're always terrifying to me.

  7. Great collection. Well done. No rides for this chick either!!

  8. Great Post... love the twinkle - good thinking.

  9. Love your T's, but not a roller coaster ride girl here. My limit was Splash Mountain at Disneyland. Love your tiny twinkle, hope you made a wish.

  10. Snap on the wonderful husband who prepares all/most of the food..definitely a treasure.
    also love your twinkle

  11. Nice to have someone to cook for you, no matter how good a cook you are. I woulld never be game to go on that roller coaster thing either.

  12. Love your interpretation of the letter T - especially twinkle. sometimes we have to step outside the square with this. I'm not a rider of these things either. Personally I don't think it matters what letter Cinzia chooses it is always going to be 'thinker' with the categories. But I'm enjoying what everyone comes up with.

  13. Great photos but the twinkle takes the cake! How long did you hold your breath on that ride? The threads look amazing together.

  14. Lucky you, my husband does the shopping but not the cooking! After doing it for 47 years I am no interested any more. I Judy want to quilt.
    Glad your granddaughter arrived and you are having fun



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