Monday, July 18, 2011

Wibble Wobble Cobbled

Here in Iowa, we're experiencing a wicked heatwave.

For at least ten days, temperatures were and will be in the upper 90s (35C-plus), with Tuesday expected to reach 101 (38C). That's temperatures higher than Florida! Compound the heat with 60 percent to 80 percent humidity - hovering between "steamy" and "jungle" - it's not only miserable, but downright dangerous.

Just as during winter months, lots of people are hibernating. In air-conditioning. In a rare occurrence, my basement sewing room feels downright comfortable! I've been happily sewing away, and thinking about quilt backs.

I realize how often, especially in the past several years, I've been inclined to rush out to a quilt shop to look for sale fabric for a quilt back. I always hope that I can make the back inexpensively and easily by sewing just one seam.

Lately though, I'm looking at my fabric bins, thinking "I can't take it with me. What am I 'saving' it for?" Perhaps I should edify that it's my German heritage that I often blame - thank? - for making me consider and reconsider what I refer to as work-arounds.

Figure out a way to do, with what's on hand.
Work out how to fix it, and in doing so maybe make it even better.
Make do.

Now's the time to apply "make do" to a quilt back.

For the recently completed "Wibble Wobble" quilt top, I cobbled together four unused blocks and nearly all the leftover pieces from my DS Collection fabrics.
cobbled backing, 64" X 79"
Perhaps it isn't that pretty, but the prints are all repeats of the quilt top.

So I went from this (left) to this (right).

Those strings will be saved for a "Picket Fence" quilt. Frugal, hey?

While I know that some quilts are very special, and a single fabric backing will enhance the quilt, there's also the right time and right quilt for a cobbled back. I hope to show you more of them in the future.

Do you make cobbled backings too? Linda


Carrie P. said...

Great idea. Maybe that would make it more exciting for me because I really do not like making the backs. Yours is perfect and a great way to use of the pieces.

Anonymous said...

I make pieced backs... take the fabric left over especially if it is unique to a "collection" and sew those pieces together.... and if it is not long enough, find another piece and sew.... nothing fancy like your wibble wobble..... I guess the term cobbled means thought out and my pieced means sewn big enough.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Yes I do make pieced backs though I really prefer old-fashioned muslin! It's very rare that I use my quality quilting fabric for a back unless it's one I've pieced from leftovers from the front! blessings, marlene

Pinkadot Quilts said...

I am in the process of cleaning my sewing room right now. I absolutely decided I am going to use up these fabrics on backs. I prefer pieced/unusual backs, it's like another little surprise! At our recent quilt show the judges said they loved pieced backs too.

Carla said...

The back for your quilt looks so great and really adds to the fun, Linda! Hmmm....that Picket Fence looks interesting, as well!

Deb said...

That's a great idea for the backing. I think it's give the quilt more interest!

Jenny said...

That's a great idea Linda. So far I have just used up an extra block or two on the backs and worked around them. I do rather like some sort of print on the back, or perhaps a coloured homespun. And for a quilt for a child, I like to use wyncyette, that's another name for flannel down here in the Southern Hemisphere. It makes the quilt nice and snuggly and it doesn't slip of the bed.


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