Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Something to Wine About

When my group of quilting friends get together, we make an evening of it in one of our homes. We eat and drink, and that drink usually includes wine. In January 2009 I made these wine-marker coasters from the pattern "Dual Duty" by Tammy Hensley.

I personalized each one, choosing a fabric print for the top skirt that reflect's the individual's taste. Note my own green palm tree coaster on the right.
Recently, two more quilters have joined our group. Linda's marker reflects the fact that she enjoys making wine; Norma loves butterflies.

If the wine glass slot isn't needed, just turn it over.
coaster back

Salut! Linda


  1. The girls must really appreciate your personalised coasters, Linda. What a clever idea - and so beautifully made! Almost makes me wish SMQ met later in the day so we could do the same :-) It must be fun thinking up each girl's theme. (On second thoughts, maybe we're crazy enough!)

  2. Great idea, Linda! They look good. :)

  3. They are just delightful, Linda. I had made a square version of these wine glass slippers and didn't like them. But these are delicious!! Something new to attempt! ~karen

  4. Those are adorable and save on getting wet marks on your furniture as well. Clever!

  5. What a great idea Linda. I have been known to lose my glass of wine, when enjoying myself!!
    The trick then would be to memorise your fabric bottom VBG!

  6. Another great idea! blessings, marlene



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