Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eight Ozark Days

For eight days (July 2-9) hubby and I, along with our two children, their spouses, and our four grandchildren - Count'em up! Ten people! - went to The Ozarks and stayed at a waterside condo on the Niangua River near Camdenton, Missouri.

It's a very pretty area.
View from Ha Ha Tonka Castle ruins.
Moving in for eight days involved lots of planning and stuff.

Thankfully, our four bedroom condo was spacious, and conducive to family time with three little ones.
The running (never stopping) 21 month-old.
The toddling 14 month-old.
The just-learning-to-crawl 8 month-old.
The 12 year-old - the only one who ever slept past 5:30 each morning.
Lots of baby kisses and "guggles" to go around.
Tay and Austin
Quality teething time.
Austin and Aesa
Every one of us took advantage of the nearby pool. 

Lyn, Austin and Brent
We ate in each evening except for one. Celina made desserts.
Celina and Lyn
Family games like Trivial Pursuit, Guesstures, and Balderdash provided grown-up fun.

Lyn and Dan
Did you know that empty diaper and wipes boxes make ideal play containers...
...and especially good train cars?!
L-R: Cousins Tay, Austin, and Aesa
And empty Aurifil thread spools make great toys!
Austin, 14 months
A few times - particularly when I started reading the ever-popular Itsy Bitsy Spider - I had my arms full.

We loved every single, exhausting moment of it.


  1. I love seeing those little kids. The photos of you reading to the boys is priceless. I would be exhausted and have to take a nap.

  2. You have a blessed life. I loved the photo of your three grandsons sitting in the diaper boxes all in a row!

  3. Holy Cow! That's a bunch of diapers, my friend!!
    Fun times and happy memories were had by all, I'd say!

  4. What a wonderful time you all must have had. I know it was a 'vacation', but you all still had to 'work' at daily living, so it must have been an exhausting vacation. Now you need a vacation from your vacation!! ~karen

  5. I love it when families make memories that will last a lifetime - time spent together in just enjoying each other. blessings, marlene

  6. How lovely! Truley a wonderful family holiday!

  7. Sounds like you all had a wonderful & fun time. Happy Stitching,

  8. Such fun times! Thank you for letting me (and Di B) drop in on you too:-)) I simply love the Boys in Boxes photo. Hope you aren't too exhausted this week.

  9. What a lovely time for all of you! Beautiful memory building. :)

  10. Linda, I see that you had a wonderful vacation with all you beloved ones. So cute with the grandchildren. Glad you have them all more or less nearby.

  11. Sure looks like fun! What a great family. :)
    We get to have a reunion next year with children,spouses & grandchildren. There will be 54 of us. I hope it will be as fun as yours looks.

  12. Oh My, I have always wanted a family trip like this (with our family, I doubt I could ever get it accomplished!) but it looks like so much fun and such a good bonding, quality time!

  13. What special precious times with loved ones. It sounds like so much fun and mayhem.

  14. OH, what fun. I am sure everyone slept good at night. All that fresh air and the pool is a good thing.
    Boxes are a very good thing too. My boys loved to play in boxes when they were little.

  15. Loved the picture of you reading with your arms full. So precious. I've been busy with grandkids too, but I'm not nearly as good with taking pictures!



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