Sunday, July 31, 2011

Everyone Needs an Apple

If it has seemed oddly quiet here it's because I was without a computer for five-and-a-half extremely long days.

Last Tuesday, my almost three year-old Macbook went to the nearby Apple Store Genius Bar to have a power cord problem checked out. I learned it would be a day or two repair. However, after the suspected problem wasn't the problem after all, they ordered a part. Apple let me know it would be a day or two more. Then, when that replacement part didn't fix the problem, and other efforts didn't resolve the problem either, I received a surprising phone call. April, my new friend at Apple, let me know they would give me a brand new replacement computer! 
So I went from this 2008 Macbook which is no longer being made,

to this 2011 Macbook Pro with twice the processing capability, twice the memory, a backlit keyboard, and a nifty trackpad that lets me use finger "gestures" to scroll, rotate, zoom-in, and change applications!
This Macbook Pro cost me nothing thanks to the extended service contract I purchased in 2008. But it was close! My warranty was due to expire August 1! What a great decision it was (in hindsight, of course) to purchase that $249 service contract that saved me hundreds of dollars. I'm a very happy Mac-user who appreciates Apple's outstanding customer service.

During the five-and-a-half long days I was frustratingly incommunicado I spent a lot of time sewing. It's remarkable what one can accomplish when social networking isn't possible. 

Small small strips and pieces are the first thing I tackled. More than a year ago I had made 34 "Ezekiel" blocks (based on the Bible story of dry bones come to life: Ezekiel 37). I selected fabrics for a scrappy purple and gold quilt. Because I've been invited to speak to an area quilt guild in October about Stitchin' Mission, I'm sewing to build my quilt inventory. 

From scraps, I "made fabric."  

I used a 6-1/2" square ruler to cut as many Ezekiel blocks as possible from several large fabric hunks.

I've made this "New Life" quilt (Ezekiel 37:5) several times before, but this is the first time I've set Ezekiel blocks on point. The sashing is solid white fabric, and cornerstones are in two shades of purple solids. A wavy stripe print gives interest to the outside setting triangles.
New Life quilt, 54" X 65-1/2"

The quilt back is cobbled from leftover Ezekiel blocks, and several purple prints that no longer make my heart throb.

It's another quilt that I'll be able to sit-down quilt at my Pfaff Grand Quilter. You might like to know that my broken down Pfaff  was an easy, albeit costly, fix. When I bought it (used), the needle threader had been broken off. As I never use one anyway, I opted not to have it replaced. That was my mistake. An internal part of the needle threader dislodged and blocked the stitch mechanism. For $8, I have a new needle threader. Labor was $80.

This new computer is distracting me from quilting. I'm having a great time emailing friends, catching up on blogs, and video Skypeing - with extraordinarily visual clarity! It was dreadful being out-of-touch. Yes, yes, I admit to being hooked on my social network (I don't Facebook though) but that's because face-to-face time with friends is rare. Everyone works, and they're just plain busy.

I intend to remain entrenched in technology. I have wisely invested in another extended service warranty. Linda


  1. Apple has unreal customer service. We have 3 IPhones, a MacBook Pro (it's mine and I LOVE it) and an IPad (Greg). They really stand behind their products. The best thing is that even if you didn't buy it at the Apple store, they're take care of whatever is needed. Can you tell I'm a huge convert?

    Love the new quilt - what a great way to use all those bits and pieces!

  2. WOW! Congratulations on your new 'puter!! You were very smart!

  3. I've never had an Apple but your customer service might be the most awesome I've heard lately. I'd love to try an Apple but my grandson, who is a computer geek for a school district, only works on the other kind. :) Can't look a gift horse in the mouth! blessings, marlene
    P.S. But having said that if anyone wanted to give me an apple I'd sure take it!

  4. Missed you, glad you're back. Your purple quilt is very striking!! Congrats on the new computer :).

  5. Great new computer. I just love the purple & yellow quilt. It's gorgeous. Happy Stitching,

  6. Congratulations on your new computer. It sounds wonderful and well worth the money. ;)

  7. I love your Ezekiel quilt! What a great way to use up all those scraps. Have fun with your new computer.

  8. Could this be a cousin to the Kleenex Box quilt?!!! I like it. I like it! Welcome back to the NET!

  9. Glad to see you're back.
    Love your New Life quilt. Great use of little bits and pieces.

  10. I too love my Apple and am guilty of spending too much time pounding it's keyboard.
    Quilt top looks great, good use of scraps.

  11. Great blocks. After my son's first generation 2006 Mac had every problem known to computer geeks and fighting tooth and nail with Apple even while it was still under warranty and we bought the extended warranty, we are soured on Apple. It's nice to hear a good story.

  12. What a great use of scraps. The quilt is so pretty and it's a good lesson for me as I'm terrible with using scraps. Glad you have your computer back. I've missed your blogs.

  13. I'm loving Apple more and more, and your experience confirms this. Maybe my next laptop will be a Mac, but before that I'm hoping to get the new iPhone when it's released soon. You know we are great fans of the Ezekiel/New Life block here at SMQ - but setting them on point is a great idea. Your new quilt looks fabulous!

  14. I dont have an apple, but I've heard they are great.
    Love what you did with your "fabric'. I have done a similar thing, but never sashed it. I think it adds to the effect.-Lovely.



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