Friday, July 22, 2011

Break Down

Isn't it maddening to have equipment failure when you're in the middle of free-motion quilting?!

I was sitting at my Pfaff Grand Quilter, listening to an audiobook ("Ape House" by Sara Gruen in case you're looking for a new read) quilting away on "Wibble Wobble." While quilting at high speed, the needle suddenly locked in the down position, making an audible ka-thunk, immediately followed by the machine motor giving a high-pitched whine. I hopped up, flipped the machine switch to "off," and unplugged it from power. Whoo! 

My husband helped me figure out that I needed to remove the bobbin and the bobbin case, as well as take out the needle, so I could remove the quilt from the machine! Now the Pfaff is at my friendly quilt shop/sewing machine hospital waiting to be examined. Perhaps a bit prematurely, I'm chastening myself for buying a used Pfaff Grand Quilt. It was a year ago this month that I bought it through Craigslist for what I think was a deal: $400.

I managed to finish quilting Wibble Wobble on my Bernina 830 Record though that machine definitely doesn't have the same feel - no quilting foot pressure on the quilt, and no means of adjusting the pressure.

Now for some pictures of the quilt.

In each wibble and wobble, I quilted a whirl that "turns" the direction that the wibble (or wobble) leans.

In the rest of the block I quilted a curved line and then added "flying U's" on both sides of the line. They look a lot like stipple quilting.

I'm happy with the all over texture of the completed quilt.
Wibble Wobble, 60" X 71"
The sun wasn't out when I took these pictures, though it was 86 degrees (30 C) - and climbing! - and very muggy.

I think it looks pretty good from the back too. 

A quilt isn't completely finished until it has a label, so Wibble Wobble is done. Tah-dah.

As for my Pfaff GQ, I sure hope it doesn't require long term care... or a transplant. Acute care is expensive. Linda


Tammy Vasser said...

I love it!! Congrats a great finish!

Deb said...

It looks just great, Linda. I love the fun colors and the design is so fresh and appealing. Of course, the quilting is wonderful. I hope the repair will be easy and cheap. Great job as always. It's a smile quilt -- you smile when you look at it.

Sue said...

This is a very fun looking quilt. It makes me smile to see it. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your machine.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Beautiful quilt!! Congrats on a wonderful finish. I hope you get your machine back soon.

Julia said...

Looks great Linda..hope you get your machine back soon..
Julia ♥

Carrie P. said...

You go girl! It turned out fabulous! Sorry about your machine but your other machine did a perfect job. Love it!

Di said...

As always, you've done a superb job, Linda. Well done for pressing on in spite of adversity! I hope your lovely machine can be nursed back to health soon. The cloudy day shows up your clever quilting designs much better than sunshine would have - just such a happy quilt.

Lindi said...

I do love that Wibble Wobble! Great job on the quilting, too, despite the challenges. :)

Julie said...

So different from your recent finishes, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity. Not good news about the GQ, I'm sure it is only a hiccup and nothing terminal, how do I know this? I can just feel it in my water!!!!!LOL, as my Nana used to say!

jill/marny said...

Linda, great movement in a very cleaver pattern! I really like your backing with the leftovers. Sometimes we're forced to be flexible with a different machine but it turned out great, Sorry to miss MQG, hope to see you in August, jill

Edith Bieri-Hanselmann said...

It looks great and I love the back of the quilt very much!


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