Saturday, April 16, 2011

This, That, the Other, and the Other

My hands have been in a mish-mash of sewing projects past week. It seems that every time I open a bin looking for an item needed for the project I have my hands on, I see another project that needs attention. UFO overload! I feel terribly guilty.

So what do I do? I work on something for someone else. Makes complete sense. Especially when the someone else is a dear friend, (blogless) Linda to whom I gifted for her birthday free motion quilting on this 36" X 36" wall hanging of "Glinda" the good witch from The Wizard of Oz. I'd given Linda (So many "Lindas," I know! When more than two Lindas are together, she's "Lola.") the Glinda panel, and the ruby slippers fabric too. Lola sewed them up with pink Fairy Frost to make this cute thing. The rest of the "magic" is up to me!

Wanting to try curved cross-hatching, as Quilter Extraordinaire Wendy of Ivory Spring blogged about here, I ordered the curved ruler to give it a try on Lola's quilt. I like how the ruler works; it just didn't work for this quilt. I purchased the small, 6-1/2"-long ruler, but for the curve size I needed, I should have had the larger, 10" curve. 

So instead, I straight-line cross-hatched Glinda's bubble. For the first time, and also following Quilter Extraordinaire Wendy's example, I stitched with silk thread on top (awesome stuff!) and Bottom Line in the bobbin. Very nice. I'll be doing that again for sure.
Lola's given her approval, thus far. Next, I must come up with a design for the triangles areas, the ones with the ruby slippers print. Then, those pink Fairy Frost triangles will be filled with cyclonic-like swirls surrounded with more feathery-type swirls. Maybe you can tell that I struggle much more with what to quilt, rather than the mechanics of domestic machine quilting. If you ask me to pick the right design for the space, we're in trouble! But gosh, just tell me the design you want and I'll come through for you.

Another ongoing project is RRCB - "Roll, Roll Cotton Boll" - the quilt along that Bonnie Hunter offered in December. I thought I was making good progress until I started sewing the strips of five HST to the block centers. They didn't fit; they didn't even come close! Turns out that because I'd sewn the HST strips on one sewing machine, and the block centers on another sewing machine, the quarter-inch seams were not the same. Argh.

Not that I'm counting or anything, but those 120 strips of HSTs each have four seams that have to be resewn.

I'm resewing each seam, stitching deeper than the first time, and removing the stitching that's nearest the raw edge. For this tedious stuff I'm putting in IPod ear buds and listening to a book - "The Secret," by Beverly Lewis.

During the last car trip to Kansas City, I stitched most of this block. I forgot to take along floss for the border, so this is a recent finish in my on-going "Snowmen A to Zzzz" embroidery project. The letter "I" is prepped for the next time we hit the road.

My Florida trip in March was the last time I hand-pieced. Since I'd sewed up all the patches I traveled with, I needed to cut more. This time, I added 150-grit sandpaper to the back of the acrylic cutting template (see the red pieces), and that greatly improved my ability to rotary cut without template slippage. I bought the package of 4-1/2" square, adhesive-backed sandpaper from the local home improvement store and used scissors to cut small shapes.

While in Florida, I hand-pieced 36 "Starfish" blocks and have enough of the colorful print for only 9 more blocks. I'm hoping that with the connector fabric between each starfish, I'll end up with a decent-sized quilt. I have no clue how to go about calculating those dimensions!

I'd planned to use the white tone-on-tone print (see lower left) as the connector, but at commentors' suggestions, I'm auditioning solids. From the bottom to the top they are Kona: caramel, palm, charcoal, ash, and snow. With 219 Kaufman Kona solid colors to choose from, with names like: ocean, Carribbean blue, Pacific, lagoon, clouds, champagne, and sand - they all fit with starfish - I don't know how I'll ever decide!

There's one last makeover to address. A kind-hearted quilter pointed out that this block really doesn't fit my Supernova quilt layout. She's right.

So, the green will be out and yellow/turquoise will be in. 

Thursday night the Batting Buds (Not baseball related, but like quilt batting. It's what's on the inside that's the most important part of buddies.) got together. We had a great evening, though they might complain about the "torture" I put them through, teaching them to hand-piece apple core blocks.

Linda (yet another blogless Linda with the nickname "Bug") showed us this "New Life" quilt she made with scraps.

Every print seems to go with the others, though Bug included a full color range of scraps in the 4" X 4" (finished) blocks. Her choice of beige sashing and burgundy cornerstones really pulls it together.

She longarmed it and will add binding next. Bug plans to take this quilt with her, to give away when she goes on a Lutheran Church of Hope mission trip to South Africa in June. Good on you, Bug!

Thanks for sticking around to read through lotsa this, that, the other, and the other. I should stay busy for a while. Linda (the Linda with no nickname!)


  1. Linda, all of your projects are going to be so great when finished. I'm sorry for all the "frog sewing" that is involved in the RRCB, but it will be such a fun quilt! You are a talented machine quilter...Lola will be thrilled! The circle dillybob is fascinating.

  2. Goodness, you have a lot going on! The resewing and unsewing must have been a frustration. No way to make it work any other way though it sounds like. Enjoy your weekend/week - it sounds like it's going to be a busy one!

  3. I love the quilting you've done so far, and always appreciate the tips. The ruler looks like a "must have" for me. I enjoy the long blogs as they are always fun and informative. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh I hate it when I have to unsew. Sounds like you are going to be busy with that many seams to do. The colors are looking good tho. I hope everything is going good for you and your family.

  5. Well, haven't you just been busy, busy, busy! I always seem to have heaps on the go too, guess it's just the way some of us work.

  6. Yes, lots of cool stuff going on at your house. Wow, that cross hatch quilting is awesome. Can't wait to see those starfish put together. What a fun quilt it will be when you get done.

  7. Your quilting is AWESOME! And I am in love with all your other projects.

  8. You are so prolific - I am envious. Each project is wonderful Linda. Your quilting on Wizard of Oz is magnificent! But with Easter nearly here downunder I have great plans for my Confetti cake Quilt, and perhaps the quick batik one I have lined up. Wishing you a wonderful Easter.

  9. I wanted to pop in and see your RRCB. I can't believe you had the problem with the red hst's - I had EXACTLY the same problem!! I had to resew almost every triangle but I didn't rip out the other seam. I hope it doesn't look too bulky when I start to quilt. Your quilting is wonderful, have you thought about the quilting on this one??


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