Monday, April 11, 2011

Supernova Blocks

Over the weekend, and after much consternation followed by hours of un-sewing, re-cutting, and re-sewing, I finished making nine 18" X 18" Supernova quilt along blocks.

If you compare them to the patches I showed you in my previous blog post, you'll see there are lots of differences.
What I belatedly realized is that I had pieced the patches wrong. I placed colors in the sequence: light, dark, medium when I should have pieced them: light, medium, dark. I decided which ones to keep as they were...
...and which ones to make-over.

Here's the arrangement on my design wall where I could step back and look - without my glasses, so I could "see" the values instead of the colors. But don't be surprised if I decide to swap around some blocks before I sew them together!

The rest of Lee's instructions to complete the Supernova quilt top will be released Thursday. Hopefully by then I'll have the coal-colored Kona solid I need to complete the top! I've had issues getting the fabric. First I ordered it, sight unseen, from an Iowa quilt shop about an hour north of me. The fabric arrived and it's a Kona solid that's darker than coal. Then, I tried re-ordering it from where I'd ordered it in the first place - Using the same item number from my previous order, I received an aqua-colored Moda Marble! That issue hasn't been settled yet.

In the meantime, I'm relieved to restore order to my sewing room. These are the piles of rejected, over-cut and unused pieces. What should I do with all of them? I really don't want to sew that big pile of gray solid and print triangles into half-square triangles. But I might be willing to cut 3" squares from the remaining pieces, to add to the pile of 3" squares there in the middle. And then maybe make a patch quilt? What do you think?


  1. Love these colors!! Looking very yummy so far!

  2. They look great, Linda. Sorry you are having such trouble getting the Kona cotton you are looking for. I am seeing more solids in some of the quilt shops around here these days so the trend is making it's way around, I think. I have a good book, called the Modern Quilt, that features mostly solids, and it's just great so I've been kind of looking and getting pieces here and there. If I had any of the coal color you are looking for, I would send it. Your quilt will be just gorgeous when you are done!

  3. Wow, I love your Supernova blocks. The coal gray makes a nice background. The block in the center is perfect; it holds everything together. It's fun to watch a quilt as it develops. Thanks for sharing the photos in progress.

  4. What a great pattern. Grey is so very popular these days and I really like how the blocks pop when using it as a background.

  5. Good going with the gray background! I 'stretched' & used SAND, but sure do love that gray and anxious to use it in another project soon!

  6. Absolutely stunning blocks!! A lot of work, but well worth the effort.

  7. I like the blocks! I rearranged mine several times also.

  8. Linda,

    I am in love with the colors!!


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