Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kansas Family

We went to Overland Park for four days to spend time with family. Here are a few of the people and places we visited.

We watched Celina play volleyball on the first organized team she's ever been part of.
 Celina's dad, in the background with hands on hips, was a line judge.

We visited our new great-nephew, Tripp. He made my younger sister a grandmother for the first time. And thoughtful little bub that he is, Tripp was born on my birthday, March 18! Trying to lean over to kiss him is Tay, our 18 month-old grandson, who has his little brother, 5 month-old Aesa, on his lap... sorta.

Tripp and his mom, Danielle.

Tay recently made his first visit to the dentist. He's showing us his "dentist face."

 Our daughter Jill, and Aesa.

Our young nephew Evan, is opening a pet store. We stopped in to say hello, see the place, and wish him well.
The shop is about 3,000 square feet and after much work putting up walls, painting, and installing shelving and tanks, he's working hard to stock shelves.

Fish are expected to arrive this week.

Olathe Pet Shop truly is pet-friendly, as Hogan was allowed to wander through the store.

Evan anticipates opening the store in the next couple weeks. If you're in the area, please stop by and tell him Aunt Linda sent you.

Olathe Pet Shop
16651 West 151st Street (corner of Mur-Len)
Olathe, Kansas 66062

It's always difficult to say good-bye to the little ones, and make the three-hour drive back home. 
Hopefully, the next post will be about progress on some quilt-y things. Linda


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family!

  2. Lovely photos of everybody, Linda. Little Tripp is a cutie, and obviously undisturbed by his cousins wriggling nearby. Celina is looking quite the pretty teenager, Tay is just soooooo handsome (love that tum!) and Aesa is growing fast and looking just like his Daddy. What fun you must have had with them all!

  3. You must be so proud of the next generation of your family. I love Tay's dentist face, so precious and kissable.
    I suspect that Jill is an image of you in your younger days?

  4. Tay's "dentist face" is just the cutest! Hard to believe he's 18 months already. It looks like you family is growing by leaps and bounds. So much fun to have little ones around.



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