Monday, April 25, 2011

Kansas Again

Last week we spent three days in Kansas, visiting our daughter Jill and family on the occasion of Jill's 35th birthday. Even though it was just April 3 when we last visited, the little boys are changing. Aesa, at 5-1/2 months is longer than his older brother was at that age. He's a brown-eyed cutie with a ready grin and frequent "ghhh" burbles.
Aesa, 5-1/2 months
Big brother Tay, at 19 months is still the talker (he learned "helicopter" while I was visiting) and is so busy. He's always got something important to do, often running to do it. His favorite place to get "sum-sing" is the kitchen utility drawer. (Only safe items are kept there.)
Tay, 19 months
Nephew Evan's pet store is now open for business.
Olathe Pet Shop
16651 West 151st Street (corner of Mur-Len)
Olathe, Kansas 66062

We stopped by to wish him well and make a few purchases for Hogan.

Dan and Tay
My 81 year-old dad enjoyed the chance to see his great-granchildren.

Here, my dad shows 12 year-old Celina the lop-eared rabbits that are for sale.

The proud proprietor, Evan, waits on a customer.

Evan encouraged everyone to look at and touch a snake.

Celina was the only family member who held the snake, and her face is a good indication of her reaction to that!

Tay was enchanted by the fish.

But he was more enamored with the rabbits, giggling aloud while looking at them.

After purchasing treats for Hogan we thought we'd encourage the growing familiarity and friendship that's developing between Hogan and Tay. You may remember that last August, we had problems with the two of them together. We are all very heartened to see this relationship.

Hogan seems pretty comfortable in his home away-from-home.
Celina and Hogan
Here's our birthday girl.
Jill's 35th birthday
A moment of father-son recognition and bonding.
Maher and Aesa
Our visit wasn't all play. Dan helped replace screens that had been damaged and torn in their April 3 hailstorm, and helped assemble a piece of exercise equipment. This is what I did. Oh my, but didn't I feel like I had an important job!

It's always difficult to say good-bye and return home, but it's nice that we get to visit often. That three-and-a-half hour stretch of interstate (very short, when compared to the 25-30 hour trip to visit them when they lived in Australia!) is productive passenger time! I've always got another hand embroidering block to stitch for the  "Snowmen A to Zzz" project. This trip allowed me to stitch "Icicles." "J" for "Jingle Bells" is already prepped for the next trip.

Easter Sunday morning Dan and I were up very early. Since I sing in one of the church choirs, we were asked to be at church by 5:40 AM to rehearse before the 6:21 AM sunrise service! The rest of Easter Sunday was quietly spent with sewing, and the weekend wrap-up of watching favorite BBC programs on public television: "Lark Rise to Candleford;" "Upstairs, Downstairs;" and "MI5."

I hope you had a blessed Easter. Alleluia! He is risen!


  1. I love seeing the grandchildren photos. They are growing so quickly! I can really see the change in Aesa. I'm also happy that Hogan is adjusting to the little ones in the family. What a fun time! The handwork is also very nice and you always do such a nice job. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely collage of family shots. The grand children age growing up beautifully.

  3. Looks like a great time with the family. My, how the boys are growing. Celina is a brave girl.
    congrats to Evan.



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