Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where I've Been - Florida

For two weeks in February, Dan and I were beachside in Florida. We had gorgeous weather the entire time! Lots of sunshine, perfect temperatures, and not a drop of rain.

Our one-bedroom condo was on the second floor of this quadriplex called "The Nest."

Since our son, daugher-in-law, and 10 month-old grandson live in Tampa, about 45 minutes from here, they came out to the beach to visit us on weekends. It was the first time Austin saw sand and waves... and experienced bright sunshine!
Austin and "Bapa"
He was a little uncertain about the feeling of sand underfoot. He kept lifting his feet off the ground!
Austin and "Nana"
On their second visit, Austin wore his UNI (University of Northern Iowa) t-shirt that was given to him by our Cedar Falls, Iowa, friends. Go Panthers!

And the second time we took him to the beach, he felt the ocean water, and didn't like it very much - probably a bit cold.

Austin in my arms. Doesn't he make me look tan!?
We did quite a bit of walking... that's much nicer than walking in snow. It's probably no surprise that I really appreciate the palm trees. I thought this one was especially nice-looking. The white ibis in the foliage beneath the tree was scarfing up geckos for a mid-morning snack!

Several evenings found us walking across Gulf Boulevard for dinner. Motor traffic can get pretty heavy on the weekends and during spring break, presenting a challenging for pedestrians waiting at the cross-walks. This was something I'd never seen before, but what a great idea! We "waved ourselves" across more than one cross-walk.

Almost every evening, this was our balcony view across the Gulf of Mexico. 
Some quilters have a pretty rough life.


  1. oh, that is too funny - you told me you were in FL, but not the specifics... and I have been to Indian Rocks Beach, I stayed there for a week w/my fam about 10 years ago! In a condo about a 100 feet from the sand :)

  2. How fun to see where you have been hanging out, Linda! What a cutie pie you have there!!

  3. Look at how tan you are! You look like a native!

    The beaches on the gulf coast are so much prettier than what we have here on the east coast. Love the picture of Austin's sandy little foot. Too precious!

  4. Austin is such a cutie! And I like his UNI shirt too. That's where my boys went. You look like you had a great time out in the sunshine. Glad you didn't have rain and enjoyed the beach. And of course I'm sure you had fun with your little grandson!

  5. Linda, I enjoyed looking at the pictures from Floriad. Oh and I wouldn't have mind joining you there! So sunny, warm, the sea and sand. I love all of them and then your cute gandson Austin. You sure had a great time and enjoyed it!

  6. Looks like you were having so much fun! Warm weather, the beach and acute grandson to play with too.

  7. Gorgeous pics...It looks like a wonderful place to be!

  8. What a relaxing place this beach looks, Linda. You look as if you really had a great time too - and your wonderful Florida tan must be the envy of your friends back in Iowa! I don't even have one, and it's summer here!

  9. Just catching up on your trip to Florida. Looks nice and warm. Looks like you all had a great time.
    I love boiled peanuts but haven't ever had cajun flavored but I am sure I would like them since I like spicy.



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