Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Something to Smile About

After last week's frustrations and disappointments, I had a good reason to smile when I receive this in the mail. Here we are, only three months into 2011, and the 2012 Quilt Art Calendar is already in print. 

The part that made me smile is tucked in there alongside the April to May page.
That's my "Dashing the Churn" quilt. 

I pieced and quilted this big quilt - it's 92" X 103" - from 5" Churn Dash blocks I swapped during 2003, with my friend Edith in Switzerland. Both of us used the same background fabric, but made our blocks from "an assigned" color. Edith made all the blocks that are green, keeping some for herself and giving an equal number to me. I made the yellow blocks, keeping some for myself and giving an equal number to Edith.

Here's a picture (used with permission) of Edith's block layout. This quilt isn't finished but that's certainly okay! As quilters, we all know about good intentions, plans to do such and such, and how easy it is to get side-tracked. Isn't her layout pretty with that great color and value gradation?

My design idea for putting together our Churn Dash blocks came after I took a class from Sandi Cummings and learned to make her "Double Circles" block. It was the right block, along with black and white checks (a "phase" I was in when I put this top together) that tied it all together. I think that "Baby Genius" black and white wavy print border makes for a funky finish.

It's a nice-to-look-at quilt, and I'm glad I made it. It's good to have something to smile about. And maybe this will give you a smile...
A father gave his teenaged daughter an untrained pedigreed pup for her birthday. An hour later, while wandering through the house, he found his daughter looking at a puddle in the center of the kitchen floor. 
"My pup," she murmured sadly, "runneth over."
I've just concluded a ten-week Beth Moore Bible study called David: Seeking a Heart Like His. In the final video session, Beth reviews the 23rd Psalm which was written by David. I'm reminded and am resting in the words "my cup runneth over" (verse 5), reviewing my blessings - a full and satisfied life -  and how God fills me up to overflowing when I spend time with Him. I don't need to wonder why last week turned out as it did (no Stitchin' Mission DVD). I simply need to let God be God of my life. He "runneth my cup over." Linda 


Carla said...

Linda, what a fantastic and modern quilt!! I just love it and congratulations on getting it published in the calendar! I also appreciate the reminder to let God be God. Thanks!

Di said...

How perfectly lovely of God to send you this happy moment after last week"s disappointment, Linda. He has a plan for that DVD and I hope we will know it soon. Your quilt is wonderful, and I love the idea of a collaborative swap :-))

StitchinByTheLake said...

First of all, congratulations Linda! What a wonderful honor to have your quilt in the calendar. Second, I just finished that same study and really loved it. It was very timely for me and for many in my group. It's nice to be reminded that God loves us despite our flaws. blessings, marlene

Julia said...

Congratulations Linda...what an honour and a lovely surprise for you..
Julia ♥

Val Laird said...

Congratulations, Linda. Your quilt is amazing and I'm so glad your cup is running over this week.

Pokey said...

I will be looking for your quilt and that 2011 calendar, Linda, I'm so happy for you. Your Bible study sounds like a good one, too, Beth Moore is such an inspirational writer, too. God is good to us, His mercies endureth forever!

Ivory Spring said...

WOW, congrats, Linda! What an honor. I feel tipsy knowing a quilty celebrity!!!

Elyte said...

Congratulations Linda what a compliment for your lovely work.
You and Edith have combined your blocks in very individual ways, both look great.
Sorry to hear about the postponement of your DVD. The upside is that you are extremely well prepared for your project when the time arrives. Good luck.

Doris said...

Congrats, I really like that quilt!

Hey, have you been to the Heritage Gallery downtown to see the St. John's Bible exhibit? I think you might really like it...

Patty said...

Oh Linda, I love your quilt. I am going to get one of the books as soon as I find one! This is so exciting for you.

Carrie P. said...

Congratulations!!! I love the setting of your quilt.


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