Monday, March 21, 2011


I know it's not nice to toot my own horn, but I am.

The Stitchin' Mission beginner quiltmaking lessons I teach have been nominated to win the 2011 "Best Teacher/Instructor" award. Between now and March 31, anyone can cast one vote in each of ten categories, or just in the Best Teacher/Instructor category, if you prefer.

Nominees are listed here. You may vote only one time. To vote, you simply write a comment saying who you're voting for. Be sure your comment includes your email address or a way to reach you, as you'll also be entered in the giveaway for some majorly nice prizes!

Thank you for considering voting for Stitchin' Mission and me - Linda Hungerford. I  appreciate your support!

In the meantime, I've begun earnest efforts to spend the grant money you helped Stitchin' Mission win last August. A videographer has been hired, and a team of four wonderfully supportive quilting friends has volunteered their time and expertise to help plan and produce a five-lesson beginner quiltmaking DVD.

We've had an eight-hour planning session, and I now have help with set design, props, cue cards, videography direction, and wardrobe.

I'm busily writing a master plan for our one day of recording, while cutting and sewing quilt samples.

It's a huge undertaking on a shoestring budget, but we're talking and walking with God through all of it. Our prayer is that the plans we make and this DVD will ultimately glorify God as it's used to teach others how to make quilts that can be given to help and comfort others. Heaven knows that right now there are people in many places that can use quilts and with them, the assurance that we care.

I'll continue to blog about our DVD recording process on the Stitchin' Mission blog. I hope you'll check in now and again. Thanks!


Carla said...

My vote has been cast for you,of course! The hand print is so cute with your other fabrics, btw.

Elyte said...

Good luck in the voting.
Are we seeing a new movie star in the making here?

Carrie P. said...

Congratulations! That is so awesome. I will have to visit that link.
I can only imagine what a process that must be, filming!

Ivory Spring said...

Congratulations! I am so proud of you!!!

Sue said...

Good luck Linda.
I have cast my vote for you, along with the categories I knew about.
The DVD project looks amazing!Good luck with that also.


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