Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Helped and More Help is Needed

While I was away from home, a special parcel arrived in the mail. It contained two wonderful items. First, I won a giveaway - this embroidery pattern of a birdcage was designed by Elizabeth Reynolds, the daughter of Jenny Reynolds of Elefantz. Very pretty!
The second item was even more special - a quilt. I'm pleased and proud to say that I am the owner of a beautiful embroidered quilt made by Jenny herself!
Jenny lives in Queensland, Australia where the most severe flooding occurred in January, followed shortly afterward by February's Cyclone Yasi. Jenny generously offered two of her quilts in an on-line auction (See the "Together We Raised..." button on the right side of this screen). I am happy to have bid on and won this 35" X 45" Christmas quilt that will be a pretty addition to our holiday decorations. 
This is particularly special because I don't have any Christmas quilts.
What I like best is the Christian nativity story, beautifully embroidered.
"A Christmas Story" by Jenny Reynolds of Elefantz, 35" x 45"
My purchase of this quilt, in a very small way, helps with recovery efforts in Australia. But how does one keep helping as disasters continue? First in Christchurch, New Zealand, and now with the more recent, unbelievable devastation in northern Japan. I'm having a difficult time grasping the amount of destruction, especially because I know several Japanese people. It's impossible to stop thinking about and imagining the horrors and challenges they're facing. 

In 2009, members of our church quilting group went to C-on Kinshuko, a Christian family camp in Iwate prefecture, Japan. It's the prefecture north of Miyagi prefecture where Sendai and other cities were decimated by the tsunami. I wasn't able to go on the trip, but it had a two-fold purpose: 1) to deliver 101 quilts, each 54" X 90", we made for Kinshuko's camp beds;
...and; 2) lead a camp for people who wanted to learn how to make a quilt. Some of the quilt campers lived in Sendai. We have heard that Kinshuko's directors and their families are safe. The camp buildings are intact, but they've had intermittent problems with power - gas and electric.

Suffering becomes more real when you know people who have been impacted. As we pray for the people of Japan, may we pray with assurance - God is in control. Only He, in His unfathomable wisdom, understands the loss yet can see a good outcome.

Let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18


Carla said...

This is a lovely post, Linda. My heart is so sad for Japan....I can't even wrap my head around it! If you think of something we can do, let me know,

Di said...

I too feel absolutely overwhelmed by Japan's earthquake and the hourly news since as the power plants threaten to add to the tragedy. It's so difficult to know how to help in this one, it just seems so BIG. It's important not to lose sight of that certain knowledge that God is indeed in control... Somehow.
The quilt Jenny made is very beautiful and I can see it becoming a very precious part of your Christmas traditions. You were generous to buy it and help the people of Queensland by doing this.

Deb said...

Oh, you lucky woman! What a beautiful quilt. I didn't realize you don't have a Christmas quilt, but now you do. Congrats.

Elyte said...

Glad that you got home safely and finding those lovely surprises waiting for you.
I feel so helpless watching the devastating images coming through our television. We help in whatever way we can.

Ivory Spring said...

Great post, Linda. I have been so heartbroken looking at the devastation. And yet, God is still sovereign, and He knows what He is doing. We have been praying for the missionaries there.


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